1st Quarter Wrap Up – The Clash of Civilizations

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” ~ The United States Declaration of Independence

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our theme for the 2017 1st Quarter Wrap Up is “The Clash of Civilizations – Can a new administration preserve a prosperous economy without more debt, crime & war?”

Dr. Farrell joins me this week to discuss our theme. We assess the first 70 days of the Trump administration and the contradictions at the heart of the American economy,

Our web presentation comes complete with —

  • Overview of the Washington DC financial ecosystem;
  • People and profiles of the new administration;
  • A presidential report card for the first 70 days;
  • Top accomplishments;
  • Top material omissions and stumbles;
  • Recommendations; and,
  • Links for Solari Report coverage of the Trump administration.


We will discuss the clash of civilizations happening in the Western world- and whether we will permit the destruction of the principles, values and laws that created the Western democracies and are the foundation of our prosperity.

Our goal is to help you see past the “shriek-o-meter” that is distracting the public and to provide you with critical insight regarding the real power and money issues driving events behind the scenes.

The following week, Dr. Farrell joins me again for an in-depth review of News Trends and Stories. Check out the web presentation for a listing of the top trends and links for the top stories of the first three months of 2017.

In the third week, I will present the 1st Quarter Equity Overview combined with our quarterly Rambus Chartology. Check out the web presentation for the fixed income, equity and commodities charts as of the end of the 1st Quarter.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Zero Days, a documentary about the creation and propagation of the Stuxnet computer virus. The film addresses the vulnerabilities of energy and industrial systems to cyber attack, the joint US- Israeli effort to target the Iranian nuclear industry and the development of the US Cyber Command – a new military front in the propagation of global digital violence. If you have ever questioned my statement that digital systems have zero integrity, Zero Days will help you understand one of the reasons why.

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  1. Putin’s Christmas address proved he is the world’s only statesman. The deep state’s vassals, in contrast, are criminal buffoons.

  2. Well.. Seems like your giving him a C on War Games (Mapping the Swamp) was accurate.

    What’s your take on what is going on in Syria today?

  3. And thanks Catherine for all your great reports, i would be completely lost if it weren’t for people like you and Joseph as well as many others you’ve had on. Still trying to stop my head from spinning.

  4. Mind Control threats: I have been a victim of government harassment and torture for 10 years now. I strongly believe I have had a remote lobotomy (see Dr. Peter Breggin – Darpa’s Brain Chip, on youtube). I think I have just been sold to a new entity into slavery, by 5G. I am now being controlled to go to deep sleep any time they don’t like what I do. I have also discovered they are taking my car keys on the weekend, so I cannot go anywhere while they are having their vacation.

    It’s my strong belief that people need to start interviewing people who are under this condition ASAP. We are the beta tests for new ways to control people without their ability to get justice, medical help or help of any kind. It needs to become VERY public that this is going on. My entire family is affected, and I believe they are also confiscating assets and private property, covertly.

    Ella at talkshoe.com is keeping running dialogs weekly with the “targeted” individuals, which is a collection of people who are being electronically tortured by these technologies, police and psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors. This is independent GITMO experiments going on in secret, in single people’s lives. It is absolutely horrific and must be exposed. It is the most extreme of a totalitarian society – with full on torture – the most imperialist idea of owning a slave, etc, phoenix, monarch, MK ultra, cointelPRO, disposition matrix, etc one can possibly imagine.

    My family was particularly chosen for their gifted and talented and brilliant intelligence. They are copying our skill sets and sell world wide in brain technologies for the future. We are all entrepreneurs. We are being enslaved for our talents. The human rights violations are beyond outrageous. They are crimes against humanity. This must be exposed and stopped.

  5. You continue to speak of two civilizations that we are financing but I have yet to hear an explanation and description of this “other” civilization. In a very recent interview Greg Hunter asked you a direct question about describing this “other” civilization but you never did……why??? So I will ask you what the hell are you referring to …………please ???

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