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By Catherine

US Health Care Spending: Who Pays?

By Josh Cothran, Georgia Institute of Technology [CAF Note: Ever notice that the more private insurers and the government get involved, the worse and more

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Quote du Jour

To proceed in the face of one’s own nausea is kind of courage no one ever told us about, but it is the courage we

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Money & Markets – Week of 8.26.12

$2500 Gold Means War Financial Survival Network | 29 August 2012 Catherine Austin Fitts interview (audio available) Copper Users Seek to Block JPM and BlackRock

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Geopolitical – Week of 8.26.12

Lawrence Lessig on the Coming “i-Patriot Act” Boing Boing | 05 August 2012 Lawrence Lessig, a respected Law Professor from Stanford University Video of RNC