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Money& Markets – Week of 11.02.14

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare Rolling Stone | 06 November 2014 The number-crunchers who had been complaining about the loans suddenly…

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Precious Metals – Week of 11.02.14

Greenspan’s Stunning Admission: “Gold Is Currency; No Fiat Currency, Including the Dollar, Can Match It” Zero Hedge | 07 November 2014 Every time you get

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Geopolitical – Week of 11.02.14

Mike Bloomberg’s Technocratic Agenda The Daily Bell | 07 November 2014 They will turn to more extra-legal and even… The European Central Bank – ECB

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Life – Week of 11.02.14

Stand with Mexico: Organize in Solidarity with the Disappeared Mexican Student Activists and their Families School Of the Americas | 30 October 2014 The case