2015 Annual Wrap Up – Space: Here We Go!

“The reverberation often exceeds through silence the sound that sets it off; the reaction occasionally outdoes by way of repose the event that stimulated it; and the past not uncommonly takes a while to happen, and some long time to figure out.”
~ Ken Kesey

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When I was on Wall Street, the partners of our firm would meet for a strategy session in our boardroom during the first week of the year. The chairman of the firm would open the meeting with a presentation that started with…“Let me tell you what is going to happen this year.”

In our annual wrap up,  I want to share my insights about the trends, stories and financial market performance in 2015, and about what’s ahead in 2016. Our theme is The Space-Based Economy.

This year, look for significant global growth in public and private investment in space.

  • First, the orbital platform around Earth is growing as we depend on satellites to deliver a larger percentage of the world’s economic activity.
  • Second, efforts are underway on three continents to return to the moon and to build bases there.
  • Third, we continue to explore the solar system and, as the Voyager space probes permit, to explore interstellar space.
  • Finally, we are working towards human colonies on Mars in the 21st century.

To support this effort, we are developing reusable rockets, 3D printing fabrication tools and new, light-weight materials to radically improve the economics of going into space as well as sourcing materials and manufacturing and building there.

In this year’s wrap up, we launch a conversation that will be ongoing about our investment in space, what is really going on beyond the “official story,” and what it means to our economy and to you and me.

Here is the outline for our 2015 annual wrap up:

  • Introduction: Space: Here We Go!
  • Money Maps of the World
  • The Space-Based Economy
  • 2015 News Stories & Trends
  • 2015 Financial Markets Roundup
  • 2016: Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!
  • Vision 2020
  • Best Books for 2016
  • And the Winners Are…
    Hero, Movie, and Documentary of the Year
    Let’s Go to the Movies: Complete List – 2008-2015
  • Closing & Credits

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  • Last, but not least: An online flipbook.

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All Aboard!

Space: Here We Go!


  1. I think it’s clear that both the intellect to comprehend, and the investment in time to gather up the massive data, on the subject of this second paradigm, is extremely rare….. so rare that it is ineffective at this minute level. Emotion and basic human drives guide the vast majority of the people of the world. That’s time consuming but temporarily important to control. The tools of modern man have far outrun our wisdom, To compare this cycle to that of the Roman empire is grossly antiquate. Absolute control by the few is a must to make this transition, thus the movement toward totalitarianism. A collapse is the only path to such an abrupt jolt to the current version of humans. A major reduction in population will ease the transition… that being both natural and imposed. Shock. “Trading” with the universe makes little sense to me at this point as everything would already be available to them. Keeping us from harming them or rescuing us, seems more likely. Subject to the basic laws of lifeforms and physics, suggests any universal imbalances will become rebalanced… sometimes with great devastation. I think the scales more suggest the basic survival of the few from a massive event(s)

    • If you look at the rush and ferocity of shifting the money, it is a possibility.

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