2016 Annual Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories Part II

“I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long years to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.” ~Charles Dickens

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday we continue our roll out of the 2016 Annual Wrap Up!

We began last week with Part I of our conversation with Dr. Joseph Farrell on News Trends & Stories, covering Economy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, and Culture. This coming week, will be Part II covering Science & Technology, The Unanswered Questions of 2017, and Inspiration. You can follow along with the selection of stories linked on the 2016 Annual Wrap Up web presentation.

In all of our Annual Wrap Ups to date, I have told you there is a good chance that the “slow burn “will continue through the next year – not so for 2017. So I encourage you to focus your attention on our discussion of News Trends & Stories, as well as our business and investment scenarios for 2017, when we cover them in our Equity Overview in the following week. Big change is underway – debt party’s over, get ready to rock and roll! I want you to think through what this means to you and yours and how to make sure you are in position to navigate successfully.

In Money & Markets this week I will answer your questions in Ask Catherine. Make sure you e-mail or post your questions.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I am happy to announce that Vaxxed has been chosen as Solari Report 2016 Documentary of the Year. Not only has the Vaxxed team created a life-changing documentary, but the team continues to travel, giving presentations and publishing critical interviews and case studies. If you have not seen Vaxxed or plugged into the network, you will most certainly want to in 2017!

Talk to you Thursday!



  1. Dear Catherine and Solari team, first of all best wishes for happy, healthy, successful 2017, full of love and unity for all of you and your families!

    I have just listened to Meryl Streep speech at Golden Globes awards now and I am really puzzled as to how the intelligent lady and great actress like herself does not see beyond this elections and Trump election: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyGmyEby40 … Or is she such a good actress that she fooled many of us into believing that she is intelligent? 😉
    I do love movies, but it is clear that well over half of the individuals in that room are on some kind of drug, drunk or taking at least Valium or Prozac and I am thinking that this could be the reason they are all so against anything that makes sense or is it because they star in the movies that actually are financed by the elite and reveal bit by bit in controlled manner all the “serious” stuff we are supposed not to know or…..??? Hollywood + press (foreign or not…) seems like a very bad combination to me.

    Seriously, I wonder what your take is on this kind of speeches by public figures? Is this only entrainment or are we moving to another level of “deplorable style propaganda”, where you have “the educated liberal intellectuals” as the only measure for what is ok and the rest of the world that watches “martial arts that are not arts” as she has commented?

    Thanks and many regards,

    • It is a combination of things. The specifics of Streep, I don’t know. They are essentially lost in a bubble that only lives with selective facts and is heavily dosed with entrainment and sequencing of partial information that appeals to certain emotions. And then there are mind control and control files. What is surprising to me is that there has not been more listening and effort to understand what the problem is. This is what happens to a society that does not have good math skills, access to place based financial data or a market economy that uses price to education or communicate.

      I think many woman of Streep’s fact pattern associated Clinton’s winning with a guarantee of their place in a world that appears more and more threatening. It is not logical, but comforting for many of them who associate numerous historical pains with misogeny that is much more likely the result of organized crime and secret societies. They do not understand finance or economics – particularly if they live in a financially secure world – and don’t understand that stealing trillions in working people’s pension funds is a worse sin than making fun of a disabled reporter (which is not to say that Trump’s behavior was Presidential).

      Affirmative action is one of the primary air covers for stealing trillions of people’s money because it works. Get people to see their rights as style choices as opposed to real things and you get very bizarre results.

      Needless to say, Streep was not concerned about the Clinton slave labor camps…but then the hoardes of African American attorneys and other professionals on the Clinton’s payrolls were not either.

      Best way to get back to a productivity society is to cut off all the government subsidy and get to work on things that make economic sense. Problem is Mr. Global would not have centralized control.

      • I had to chuckle when I saw someone’s response to the posting of the Meryl Streep speech online…They said, “I don’t need to be lectured to by someone who pretends to be other people for a living.” So many people associate celebrities with being experts on so many different subjects.

        • Because of the truths that Hollywood leaks out as fiction, I think they sometimes believe that celebrities have more access to inside intelligence than they do.

          • With what you mentioned above, Catherine, it would be very interesting to hear you do a Solari Report on the mind control and entrainment of Hollywood celebrities. I’ve read about this in other publications, and the depth of it seems quite stunning.

  2. Dear Catherine, so true what you say. I believe that it is very said that the parts of the world that are most developed and by that I mean in particular Western Europe and USA, has become the hostage of their own development and the fact that they are, in comparison to the rest of the world, in many ways privileged. That privilege has been distorted and now they seem to be without ability to think properly and only concerned about some virtual democracy and other things that they call values, while their leadership or even companies violate badly the same values all over the world and they don’t really care, as long as they are ok. One can see that very well in everyday life, I can see it in particular in my business, if you are willing to look. I guess that this is also part of the plan, because it very effectively divides people all over the world, but fortunately there is still sound amount of people everywhere that do think today and are reasonable. So I guess that we have no other choice than to hope that this other group will eventually prevail all over the world.

    Regards, Tea

    • Tea:

      I think a fair amount of the unreasonable behavior is terror – terror of losing their bubble, terror of their control file getting out, terror of losing their money. I am beginning to wonder if the Russians also have a copy of Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Now that would explain a lot.


      • “I am beginning to wonder if the Russians also have a copy of Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Now that would explain a lot.”

        That certainly isn’t too far a stretch… most folks would be stunned at home many “probes” they get to their network and computers every day. Most of those pings are probably just kids and “hobby” hackers…

        …but on a high-value system like Weiners and Huma’s, it would sure make sense they would devote resources to accessing it.

        • My guess is that they don’t have it. Highly likely that they have the complete Clinton private server. After all Clinton did hand them our uranium.

          I am sure they do have an overabundance of documentation of Washington pedophilia.

  3. Hi, Catherine,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing year of information and enlightenment. Taking out a subscription to the Solari Report has been one of the best things I did in 2016.

    This is an incredibly helpful and informative discussion with Dr. Joseph Farrell about the state of things- and the frightening future that is so anti-human, so devoid of God and virtue that certain powers-that-be want to create. I feel that the world should hear everything that is brought up in this show. Would you be able to make this into a public post in order to wake up the world just a bit more?

    • Teresa:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that the Solari Report has added energy.

      Wrap Ups will continue to be subscriber only. Please do encourage others to subscribe. Our employees and vendors are quite clear – they love us but only accept payment in financial currency and assets.

      The public can always start with a significant amount that we have provided for free. After each Wrap Up is published, I do public interviews about it. Those are good summaries and they are free.


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