2nd Quarter 2010: Looking Back

In our year-end wrap up, 2009: The Year of the Giant Vampire Squid, I said that in 2010, the “Year of the Tiger,” that the road would turn east and that the geopolitics of the Grand Chessboard would dominate capital flows and military actions. In the United States, the gears would grind as unemployment, pain in housing and real estate markets and state and local government budget adjustments continued.

Sure enough, that is what is happening. In this week’s Solari Report (Thursday, July 1st), I will be looking back at the events of the past three months and discussing where we are and what’s next.

We will be talking about:

  • The Gulf Oil Spill Changes Everything
  • China, Russia, & the Politics of Eurasia
  • Natural Resource, Trade Wars by Every Other Name
  • Financial Reform & Goldman Whac-a-Mole
  • iPad, Quantam Computers – Technology Continues to Dazzle
  • G-20, Bilderbergers, Presidents & Premiers: Who is Really in Charge?
  • Creative Destruction in Music, Media and More
  • Unemployment: Is There an End Game?
  • Why Global Spraying Programs Are a Pocketbook Issue
  • Housing and Real Estate Markets
  • Municipal Markets: State and Local Government Adjusts
  • Equity Markets: Nerves Fraying, ETFs: F Stands for Fiat
  • Bond Markets: Sovereign Bonds vs. Corporate Bonds
  • Currency Markets: The Dollar Shines, Precious Metals Too
  • Heros & Opportunities

I will cover Money & Markets and questions in Ask Catherine, so make sure to post any you have.

Our movie will be Stanley Kubrick’s classic Spartacus, the story of a major slave uprising against the Roman Empire in 73 BC led by a gladiator named Spartacus. You can watch the movie on line at hulu.com. (Click here)

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I hope you’ll join us.