2nd Quarter Wrap-up & Equities Markets Overview

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday is our second quarter wrap-up of the primary trends and important stories year to date.

Critical to investor short-term thinking is how the central banks manage sovereign government debt and monetary policy in a slowing economy coming into a US presidential election. Following the election, how is the US going to handle the numerous tax and budget issues that need to be addressed? If your CPA is frustrated, there is a reason.

Some of the squabbles about the future of the North American economy in the US Presidential election are becoming relevant now that budgets cuts mean that fundamentals matter. Your local elections are particularly relevant as municipalities abrogate contracts and reduce critical services.  Yet given the fiscal problems, why is  the “Empire” feeling so confident and what does that mean for the currency and equity markets this year and next?

Deeper changes are accelerating – radical changes in the employment picture as a result of automation and dramatic advances in new technology. Are we ready for cars that drive themselves and are networked with highways and other cars to do so? What about private companies mapping the inside of our homes from their satellites and access to smart grid info? Or biotech companies that can grow you a new organ?  And what does this all mean to the equity markets? I want to introduce a framework for increased coverage of the equity markets on the Solari Report going forward.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. In Let’s Go to the Movies, I’ll review The Intouchables, the feel-good dramatic comedy that has become a French cultural phenomenon. It’s had me smiling for days!

The Intouchables – Official Trailer


I will also note the high strangeness as governments around the world release UFO files while Hollywood launches an endless series of ET invasions of Earth –  The AvengersPrometheusMen in Black 3, and Aliens & Cowboys are just a few of cinematic invasions I have watched this summer.

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Talk to you Thursday!