2nd Quarter Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories, Part II with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“When you grow up in “The Family” like I did, you learn right off the bat that protection comes from everywhere, including the CIA, FBI and blessings from the Vatican who are at the top of the ladder when it comes to benefiting from Mafia street crime”  ~Tony Gambino, the Gambino Crime Family

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week Dr. Joseph Farrell joins me to continue the second part of our News Trends & Stories for the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up. We cover Culture, Science & Technology, Go Local, Unanswered Questions & Inspiration.

Make sure to access the News Trends & Stories section of the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up web presentation linked from your subscriber links in this commentary. Our web presentation also includes:

  • Solari Toon: Enforce the Constitution – in comic form;
  • How You Can Enforce the Constitution – a rich menu of ideas on how you can enforce the US Constitution;
  • Long-Term Trends – links to Solari Report materials to help you follow the most important news trends;
  • Solari Core Concepts – in response to your requests, summaries of many of the most important concepts we use to cover current events, with links to Solari Reports to help you learn more;
  • Space Companies – we have updated our lists of space companies, organized according to whether their stocks trade on US, European or Asian stock markets;
  • Financial Markets – a roundup of market and commodities charts from the 2nd Quarter; and
  • Trump Report Card – Dr. Farrell and I have updated our grades for the 2nd Quarter.

In Money & Markets, I will discuss the latest financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Founder, the new movie on how milkshake equipment salesman Ray Kroc built McDonalds.

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Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Great wrap up.
    There is another huge issue out there, which is the amazing indifference of the U.S. Gov. to the related problems of rare earth minerals, which we do not allow to be mined in the U.S. and the development of the Thorium Breeder reactor, which would pretty much provide all the energy the Country needs for thousands of year. Yet the Chinese are working intensely on these issues. I hear no one in the alternative media talking about it.

    • I have. I have sometimes wondered if rare earth minerals are what are keeping us in Afghanistan. I will ask Dr. Farrell to address in 3rd Quarter Wrap Up

  2. If you near St. Louis on August 21, drop into the Union Station and attend the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference (www.thoriumenergyalliance.com)

  3. Catherine…

    Is it possible for subscribers to buy hard copies of the Updates? Topically, much of the material is useful well into the future. I presume you have to estimate your print run, limiting the number of copies… but I would think many subscribers would be thrilled to pre-order the Updates… or have it available as an Amazon instant print item over on Amazon CreateSpace… since I know you love Amazon a great deal <—- sarc 😉


    • David:

      We sell the hard copies at the store until they have sold out. We will start to sell the new one after the books are available and we have finished the promotion. When we launch the new website, you will have the option to sign up for a premium membership that will have a hard copy mailed to you to automatically four times a year.


  4. As always… excellent conversation between you and Joseph.

    Love when you guys have time to work through what seems to be coming on deck.


    • 🙂 Hoping to spend time with Joseph when his organ is delivered. Lots just pops out as we brainstorm what we are seeing. The process always amazes me.

      • I’m listening to JR’s “Exiting the Matrix”… and as I was listening, I was remembering many times friends with businesses that needed marketing help… would ask me “What do you think I can do?”

        We would start a conversation… and it would evolve into ideas and suggestions for applied ideas that would amaze me. Lot’s of information stuffed into my noggin over the years… but my linear “day to day” mind just doesn’t tend towards adding dimensionality to conversation/collaboration.

        Every time this happens, I think “Damn… sure wish I had recorded that, so I could learn from what I said.”

        When two folks loosen the imagination and aren’t fixated on their own “Id”, it’s AMAZING what happens with creativity and creating.

        Whenever I have been swimming in the lagoon of imagination with a friend… I leave the interaction feeling elevated, almost “high”. I guess in business vernacular it’s being in “the zone”.

        Good stuff. Whenever that happens… I know you will have a fantastic time…


  5. Hi folks.

    I am having problems downloading the second quarter wrap up. I sent an email to customer service with specific information. I can download the first quarter web presentation (via PDF) no problem. It appears that it is not uploaded (at least on my PC and iPAD)

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Karen:

      Each Wrap Up rolls out over a 5-6 week period. First we make the web presentation, then we make the transcripts, then we make the PDF, then we make the flip book, then we make the hard copy. So the web presentation for the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up is done and the transcripts for the first two segments are done. The last recording and the last two transcripts are in process as are the PDF. We will post the pdf sometime next week. And then we go to the hard copy!

      We will post a notice when the pdf is ready – and tweet out. so stay tuned.


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