3rd Quarter 2009: Looking Back

3rd Quarter Wrap-up

In our year-end wrap up, 2008: Looking Back, I said that the big question for 2008 was the same one I have been asking since $4 trillion went missing from the US government: “Where is the money?”

In our wrap-up in April, 1st Quarter 2009: Looking Back, with bailouts approaching $12-14 trillion and counting (See Bailout Mo’ Money), I said that the importance of this question continued to grow. With the laws related to public and private financial management treated by insiders as mostly irrelevant, the global financial coup d’ etat underway was becoming more apparent.

Our wrap-up in July, 2nd Quarter 2009, was called “Surfing the Slow Burn.” The “slow burn” is my term for a centrally managed economy in which a small group of insiders covertly subsidize themselves at the expense of the outsiders.

In this week’s Solari Report (Thursday, October 2), I will be looking back at the events of the past three months and discussing what they mean to our future as we enter a very critical period. America is indeed at the crossroads.

For insiders to both keep stolen resources and keep the slow burn going, they must engineer a fundamental change in our governance structure. This, indeed, is the real goal of proposed state and national legislation and international regulation promoting unprecedented central control of our economy and society. Health “reform” and food “safety” are not about helping people. “Cap and trade” is not about helping the environment. They are Trojan Horses designed to engineer support for greater central control from various constituents who can not fathom the nature and goals of our leadership.

More and more Americans have indeed begun to face the seriousness of our situation. We see the violence implicit in proposed policies such as mandatory vaccines or efforts to fundamentally alter the doctor/patient relationship. We see the violence explicit in the escalation of global warfare as we continue to look to the military to keep the dollar high.

By the third quarter of his first year in office, Obama has made substantial progress in persuading Americans to give up on the two-party system and call ourselves “independents.” That is a step in the right direction.

Real solutions will come from outside the machinery. Withdrawing from the machinery to preserve our health and assets is a first step. The more people who understand this, the easier it is for us to quietly organize and take effective action.

That’s why I believe that in the stories of recent months can be found the seeds of many breakthroughs. Let’s nurture them.

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