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The Solari Report 2014-10-02

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Theme “The Shift to 3.0 – Twelve Trends”

Rebalancing the Global Economy Catherine looks at the rise of the emerging markets.

Finance & Investment: Transforming to 3.0 Catherine looks at financial trends and the implementation of digital payment systems.

Building Out the Global Network Catherine looks at the growth of world wide connectivity due to smart phone technologies.

Reengineering Delivery – Succeeding at Atoms & Bytes Catherine looks at the impact of new technologies on how things are delivered to us.

Commodities vs. Technology (More Atoms vs. Bytes) Catherine looks at how technology is changing the landscape of commodities.

Energy Catherine looks at energy consumption as well as new energy technologies

Education Catherine looks at the global trends in education.

War: The Biggest Business Catherine looks at military expenditures as well as the geopolitical goals of those who would wage war.

Space: The Final Frontier Catherine looks at the development of space for commercial and public use.

Transportation & Infrastructure Catherine looks at developments in transport and infrastructure goods and services.

Manufacturing Renaissance Catherine discusses the revival of manufacturing in the U.S.

So Much Life Catherine discusses the abundance of life in the world and not falling prey to culture wars.

Trend Overview Catherine reviews the 12 trends while looking toward the future.


October 9: Spiritual Warfare with Franklin Sanders

October 16: Successful Kickstarter with Karen Diggs

October 23: A Report with Jon Rappoport


“The future is here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” ~ William Gibson

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The US dollar index moved above 85 last week while the US stock market continued to levitate. This caused hundreds of pundits to scratch their heads looking for fashionable ways of explaining why managed markets slow burn forward and G-7 leadership behave in baffling ways. While the US bombed Syria and announced a military invasion of Africa, a former Chinese schoolteacher successfully led the largest IPO in the history of the planet.

So, it is not surprising that The Solari Report team continues to receive questions about the presentation in our last three Wrap Ups (Annual 2013, 1st Quarter 2014, 2nd Quarter 2014) about the shift from Global 2.0 to Global 3.0.

What’s that? It is the shift from an industrialized G-7 economy which draws commodities from a significantly poorer undeveloped world to a networked global economy marked by the rise of the emerging markets and a re-balancing of both production and consumption. We are, all 7 billion of us, in the process of getting connected.

Michael Ventura once said, “…the human psyche is one of the great forces of nature, and what is most frightening about this space/time technology is that it exposes us to this force within us as nothing else ever has. We are standing in the storm of our own being.”

Indeed, our telecommunications storm is on its way to including everyone, while our currency and financial markets are on the way to incorporating everyone’s financial transactions and assets.

In the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up, I am going to outline the 12 most important trends that define this shift from Global 2.0 to 3.0. I will take a look at the important events of the last quarter and help you see them in the context of the deeper changes underway. We will step back from the barrage of daily news and use each Wrap Up to help us get and keep  our perspective!

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