A Boycott by Any Other Name …

by James Bowen, National Chairperson of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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In the late 19th century, changes in Ottoman law created a new class of large landholders, including the Sursuq family from Beirut, which acquired large tracts in northern Palestine. A similar situation had long existed in Ireland, where most land was controlled by absentee landlords, many of whom lived in Britain.

The 1880s, however, initiated dynamics that led the two lands in different directions. In 1882, the first Zionist immigrants arrived in Palestine, starting a process that subsequently led to the eviction of indigenous tenant farmers, when magnates like the Sursuqs pulled the land from under their feet, selling it to the Jewish National Fund.

In contrast, in 1880, Irish tenant farmers started a process that turned them into owner-occupiers. A former British army officer played a role in this drama, which introduced his name as a new word into many languages.

Western Ireland was again suffering near-famine conditions. The potato crop had failed for the third successive year. Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott, agent for Lord Erne, the absentee landlord of an estate in County Mayo, refused the request of tenants for a rent reduction and, instead, in September 1880, obtained eviction notices against 11 of them for failure to pay their rent.

Thirty years earlier, evictions had expelled huge numbers of Irish to North America. But times were changing: A nationwide tenants’ rights movement, the Land League, had recently been formed, under the leadership of Charles Stewart Parnell, a scion of the landlord class, whose pro-tenant sympathies were inherited from his American mother, a woman whose grandfather had been one of George Washington’s bodyguards. Speaking on September 19, 1880, Parnell outlined the strategy of the league:

“When a man takes a farm from which another has been evicted, you must shun him on the roadside when you meet him, you must shun him in the streets of the town, you must shun him at the shop-counter, you must shun him at the fair and at the market-place and even in the house of worship, by leaving him severely alone, by putting him into a sort of moral Coventry, by isolating him from the rest of his kind, as if he were a leper of old, you must show him your detestation.”

Three days later, court officials attempted to serve Boycott’s eviction notices on the tenants, and the Land League policy went into effect. Within two months, Boycott’s name had become a synonym for ostracism, he had left the estate, and both landlords and government had discovered the power of ordinary people. Within a year, legislation at Westminster provided government finance for tenants wishing to purchase their farms.

For too long, Israel has been taking land from which Palestinians have been evicted, and detestation is spreading around the world. In Ireland, photos of Israeli bulldozers are placed beside those of landlords’ battering rams. Even a former U.S. president has recognized hafrada (“separation” in Hebrew) as apartheid. Disgust has reached such a level that even highly conservative institutions that normally try to avoid politics are driven to express concern.

One such body is Aosdana, the Irish state-sponsored academy of artists. Its annual general assembly on March 28 passed a resolution whose full text is: “Mindful of the August 4, 2006 call from Palestinian filmmakers, artists and cultural workers to end all cooperation with state-sponsored Israeli cultural events and institutions, Aosdana wishes to encourage Irish artists and cultural institutions to reflect deeply before engaging in any such cooperation, always bearing in mind the undeniable courage of those Israeli artists, writers and intellectuals who oppose their own government’s illegal policies towards the Palestinians.”

Although on the surface, this is a mild resolution, it is a boycott call in all but name. Its significance was not lost on Dr. Zion Evrony, the Israeli ambassador in Dublin. The very same day, he issued a press release that was replete with cliches that might have worked several decades ago, when Irish people were still unaware of the horrors that Israel has inflicted on the Palestinians.

Possibly, the alacrity of Dr. Evrony’s response was due to the fact that the strength of feeling among Irish artists had been rehearsed in the Irish press. Indeed, the proposer of the motion, playwright Margaretta D’Arcy, who is Jewish, had written in The Irish Times on February 16 that, “I was reluctant to advocate a cultural boycott of Israel until I visited the country for the first time last November … I became convinced that a cultural boycott was necessary, if only as an act of solidarity with those in Israel who seek to remove the inequality, discrimination and segregation of their society.”

Continuing, she quoted from “Land Grab,” by Yehezkel Lein, published by B’Tselem – the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: “The settlement enterprise in the occupied territories has created a system of legally sanctioned separation based on discrimination that has, perhaps, no parallel anywhere in the world since the apartheid regime in South Africa.”

Ms. D’arcy finished by saying: “My uncle went to live in the Holy Land in the 1920s to help set up the utopian dream of peace, justice and equality between Jew and Arab. It was only when I arrived there that I realized how mistaken he was. He would have done better to have stayed in the East End of London to struggle for peace, justice and equality in England.”

Parnell finished his call to action by saying that “there will be no man so full of avarice, so lost to shame, as to dare the public opinion of all right-thinking men.”

They were both right.

Prof. James Bowen is the national chairperson of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign


  1. The Jewish State of Israel is so lacking in human compassion. Boycotting could be an effective countermeasure to this if we all spread the message and work for the common good on this issue.

  2. “Bill Jones” is proof of the criminal conspiracy we are all up against. Whether it’s a financial swindling here or a mass murdering there, the world is swarming with zionist psychopaths determined to rule the world.
    It’s just great that now we even have them showing up here.

  3. Psychopaths rule, it seems in every generation. They reveal themselves, injure us deeply, and the next generation forgets. Its like a cancer we never seem to entirely eliminate. Jesus spent a good deal of his time, maybe half or more, dealing with these characters and warning us about them. And they still keep climbing to the top of the food chain. John chapter 8, when read as a whole and not through a ministers eyes, reveals who Jews for Jesus really are. Seems to me that institutions, in this case Jesus’ congregation, was a business opportunity to which they gathered. It was an opportunity for making a profit. Jesus chased them off by testing their sincerity. They then killed him and came back to claim the kingdom through violence. As Bill Jones said, the land “belongs” to the jews only because they stole it. Jesus definitely did not give it to them. Neither would Moses or any of the prophets.

  4. For those interested in the study of politics and psychopathology, this may be of interest:

    My question about Israel and Hamas is how much current events are driven by the agendas of other nations related to the “management” of the price and ownership/control of oil as well as other long term strategic interests in the middle east.

  5. I am here to learn more about decentralization and self sufficiency…believe in small government and low taxes not Jewish conspiracies or other antisemitic pshycobable… I offer cufi.org as a response to the call for a boycott for anyone on here that is not a closet antisemite. Ezekiel 38, George, read it and understand it before talking about stealing land…Jesus was a Jew from Bethlehem uhm where is that? Like Joseph he will reconcile with his brethren.

    Catherine have you looked into Stirling engines?…they may help us reduce the need for foreign oil.

  6. Bill:

    I don’t know much about Stirling engines. I just took a read at the wiki post. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirling_engine

    I talk a lot with the scientists I trust about what are the financial conditions that could help such technology be integrated and spread. This includes understanding the issues that have contributed to it being kept on the shelf or limited in application. Alas, that does require understanding both system incentives and dynamics as well as the cultural phenomenon and real conspiracies that implement them.

    One of the critical questions about the proposed infrastructure spending by the new Administration will be whether it takes advantage of new technology or protects the corporate dinosaurs by leaving it on the shelf.

    Any chance you are interested in the design components of the federal infrastructure program. I am thinking about writing about some of the issues. It would be a lot more energizing if I had some collaborators.


  7. Catherine,
    I do not have faith in the new government or its socialist agenda…Infrastructure spending did not help Japan but I am not opposed to using tax dollars to fix infrastructure… you are moving towards local community organization and decentralization…we are moving in a similar direction but I wish to become a hermit not a co-oper… I see self sufficiency as a way of increasing my wealth by reducing my cost in a tax free manner…where recycling achieves that goal I will participate ( I am not a green, I am a conservative with libertarian tendencies)…”organic” farming because I can reuse the seeds…I dont dislike corporate America, I am just tired of sending them my money for essential goods and services…as a small business owner I dont think the word profit is bad

    …I dont find solar cost effective, yet, and look at Sterling as a means of generating electricity with any heat source…this would include wood, coal, NG or even thermal solar. WisperGen has a natural gas unit but I do not know the cost and do not want to be limited to one fuel source especially when I can come across lots of free wood for winter use and would see if thermal solar would work in the summer. My goal is to come off grid and have it pay for itself in 3-5 years.

    As for the Sterling technology, no one has caused it to be shelved…it has some annoying characteristics that modern technology seems to now be addressing.. do 2 searches…one on Dean Kamen (segway inventor) and Sterling engines and another on Sandia National Labratories and thermal solar.

    One thing that did intrigue me on a “community” level was the idea of bypassing the big banks and doing local banking…how about bypassing banks altogether and pooling investment money and loans but via some sort of standardized contract between the creditors and debtor. Have you 2 ladies loan directly to the third for a cut in profit for a set term. Micro loans for Americans and for larger amounts. And how does one build trust in such a system?

    Lastly, what are the legal ramifications i.e. taxes of barter?
    How much activity would get you noticed? And have you looked at the fair tax proposal?

  8. So…mass murder of civilians, multi-billion dollar ponzi swindles and multi-trillion dollar systemic financial plundering are not real at all, just “antisemitic pshycobable”?
    Thanks so much “Bill Jones” for clearing that up!
    Interesting (psychopathic!) times we live in, indeed.

  9. David:

    All these things are real. However, the question before us is “What’s the action?” Understanding what to believe or do requires a good map. So “mapping the real deal” is invaluable. With a good map in hand, how do we successfully navigate and thrive in a manner that contributes to a more positive direction for ourselves and our family and the whole?

    Whether mapping or acting, the focus should be on what improves our and other positive energy — rather than just getting frustrated with the Tapeworm.

    If we start down that road it is a full time job and the Tapeworm just gets more of our energy.


  10. Catherine,

    Yes of course I agree with you (and sincerely thank you for providing that road map; I study it everyday) – the psychopaths in charge would love nothing more than to drain away our positive energy and turn it into bitter poison.

    However, as you yourself have experienced first hand, it’s not such much the positive actions you are willing to take, but preparing yourself for the negative consequences of those actions. And being placed on the defensive by their unwitting or willing foot-soldiers is the first tactic in their dirty tricks bag.

    We have nothing to explain or justify to criminals.

    Again, thank you for all your work.


  11. David,
    lets see I didnt know that the Bombay terrorist were Jews since you were talking about mass murder of civilians, now Madoff is a Jew and he swindled a lot of Jewish charities, but I didnt know that Cris Dodd, Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, Gregory Meeks, Maxine Waters were Jews and that Jews were responsible for our financial meltdown! I guess they caused 4 dollar gas/140 dollar oil (OPEC – mostly arabs) which caused the over leveraged house of cards that was the US mortgage and credit industry to finally collapse. Who knew that the Jews ran OPEC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Of course the democrat congress is nothing but a jewish cabal writing blank checks to that anglo traitor Paulson who is still secretly working for… ah here it comes… Goldman Sachs! Now these jews are really stupid because all of this is collapsing the one country that is a reliable ally and has provided them with the military aide to defend themselves against hundreds of millions of hostile arab neighbors…there may be corruption in our government but it isnt a jewish conspiracy.

    Abdullah’s daddy knew how to deal with the Palestinians so lets move all of them to Jordan and then we can have peace in Israel. The media will then go away as they never care about arab on arab or muslim on muslim violence and we can all head down to McDonalds and get a Big Mac to celebrate.

  12. Hello all!

    I’d like to start by thanking Catherine for her hard work and dedication to a healthy and free society. This site is definitely a much welcomed antidote to all the venemous financial reporting that is so easy to come across.

    The reason I am posting is because I would like to discuss the focus on permanence that seems to posess people like Bill Jones and the Israieli govdernment, as well as many, many others.

    I have been following the issues discussed here and on many other alternative news site across the net, and I have become concerned with my own personal situation amidst all this mess. Unfortunately, I lack the financial resources to prepare myself for permanent self-sustainability, so much of my focus has been on community and interpersonal well-being. This has turned out to be a blessing because instead of focusing on myself I have been exposed to all sorts of wonderful people and ideas which have helped to re-establish my faith in humanity.

    But I’ve really noticed the focus on permanence. It’s everywhere. Permanent growth, permanent war, permanent wealth, permanent stature….it’s just so out of line with nature.

    We all die. All material requirements of this lifetime will cease. But yet we conduct our society according to some mistaken idea of permanence. A proper society that understands and is at terms with it’s physical mortality respects children and does not misdirect or murder them.

    I had better keep this short, as to keep myself from coming across as stupid. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t worry about it, Bill, we’ll all take care of you. Don’t worry about getting off the grid and being self-sustainable. Sleeping in a tipi next to a crackling fire is better than any king size downy 1,000 thread count slumber. Don’t be afraid, and don’t put up barriers. Think about romanticising the moment and enjoying others accomplishments.

  13. Bill Jones,

    You are so very sensitive to any observation that casts criticism towards israel, jews or zionsim. Makes me wonder if you are indeed irish-american and protestant. Maybe something else…..

    When times get bad, alot of xenophobia emerges. That’s natural as a group survival mechanism. It’s natural; its to be expected. If times get really bad, communities and nations even divide. For safety sake you may want to apply for Israeli citizenship. Separate yourself from the anti-semites and go fight for what you love.

    Looking at the Palestinian problem, the casualties are disproportionate in the extreme. Palestinians are suffering extremely. Maybe that is what you want in your heart.

  14. George,

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that Bill protested a tad too much 😉
    Perhaps, like you suggest, it would be a good idea for him to flee from the dangerous antisemites to the safety of Israel.
    There, in the land of the unfettered Tapeworm, he can pursue his dream of “increasing his wealth” in “non green” ways while underreporting his “unnoticed” income in the “community” that he so obviously loves.


    I have learned so much from all of your work. Thank you once again for being the Angel we can all draw strength from.


  15. The comparisons between America, Palestine, and Ireland are valid and necessary. Livelihoods are being sold out from under Americans because “too bad you don’t own the company, we can do what we want such as move the factory abroad” even though that worker’s uncles and parents probably built that factory. So in effect Americans blue-collar workers are like Tenant farmers, and are in a way suffering the same fate as the Palestinians.

    Incidentally if both both the Isrealis and Palestinians were to have a “truce”, the Palestinians would still be subjected daily to blockades, checkpoints, occupation, harassment, and institutional discrimination. The “truce” and “status quo” is still daily violence against Palestinians.

  16. To All,
    I have no jewish blood that I know of…I am a Southern Baptist Christian who knows were my bread is buttered (God) and he has commanded me to bless the Jews (Genesis). Those who bless the Jews are blessed by God and those who curse the Jews are cursed by God. That same book says God has given ALL of the land in question to the Jews as an ETERNAL covenant that he can not break lest he soil his own Name. As such even the Jews can not give the land to others. I do have future “Israeli” citizenship via the blood of one Jewish carpenter named Yeshua BaMashiach (Jesus Christ). I have no hidden agenda and its is really as simple as that. And as such antisemitic rantings insult my adopted ( I as a gentile am the adopted one) kinfolk, I feel I must speak out against their libel and defamation.

    As for this site…I heard Catherine on C2Cam and was drawn to her messages of self sufficiency and decentralization of power. My community is my rather large family and my fellow christians not anti-semitic secular humanist greens who are out to save the earth at the expense of individual liberty. I know not all on here fit that description. I distrust “community” efforts as they smell like cults to me. Does it matter if the “rules” that deny the individual his/her rights are federal, corporate business, or of local “community” origin? I really wish to escape it all.

  17. Bill:

    I am also a Christian. As a conservative, I share your concerns with many uses of “community.”

    I currently worship with my family at a Southern Baptist church. The faith we share is that God may anoint a person or a people. That, however, does not give them free rein to ignore God’s commandments as much as they want and whenever they want. If they do, they become separate from their anointing. At that point, our loyalty is to God and His commandments, not to a person or a people that has become separate from Him. Throughout the Bible, when Israel disobeys God’s commandments, they are punished. That is because an anointing differs from a open ended license to kill.

    I have seen a great deal of time and money spent on persuading Christians to use these passages of scripture to support genocide and other forms of evil (in a variety of contexts, not just as they relate to any particular trible or country) that is so far outside the ten commandments that it leaves me stupefied. Christian networks are being “worked” and manipulated, same as all other networks.

    So, yes, skepticism and discretion in all things is what we need. Glad to have you here. If decentralization is to succeed, then we must find a way to communicate and collaborate among our differences, without glossing over them.

    I have found that vast differences in ideology make little difference when we get down to using time and money in ethical, productive ways in a place. Things come down to who is who is hardworking, responsible and competent — that is a small group in a very big tent.


  18. Bill,

    Who is libeling and defaming who? When you use the word “antisemitic” its like calling a person heretic or witch. When you read the Bible, if you do, try to do it with an open, not sectarian mind. The pharisees read the scriptures in a way that they could, in good conscience, kill Jesus. Like the israelis can justify killing palestinians. A man’s point of view can justify murder or love. If you were to read the Bible with a view of loving all humanity, your present understanding of certain scriptures might change.

    Community with others is based upon a set of common values. Last night there was a progrom on mobsters on the history channel. The observation of Lucky Luciano about his relationship with Meyer Lansky was that they were almost like lovers, if one spoke a word, the other could finish the sentence. This was a great mastermind relationship.

    As Jesus said, “if the light that is in thee, be darkness, how great IS that darkness?”

    Cyrus Scofield (Scofield Bible) and the elite that supported him could be the origin of alot of your regard for the jewish people as well as your doctrinal views of the scriptures. Check him out.

  19. Catherine,

    No real argument on your comments but I dont see what Israel is doing as genocide but self defense. There is collateral damage as in all wars. As a Southern Baptist you must know that God has ordained that the land not be shared or split up but must be inhabited by the Israelites in toto…consult with your pastor on this as the shear volume of supporting scripture is too lengthy to post and would bog down your site. This is not really the focus you intend for your site and I apologize for blowing up this thread.

    …Lastly, as many on here have said they want to focus on positive action, then let me point out that a Boycott by its very nature is a negative act. As a baptist I guess I will assume my natural position at the back of the tent. 🙂


    BTW, I am in Tennessee also and when do you plan another meeting out in Hole in the Wall.

  20. Bill Jones writes:

    ….I am a Southern Baptist Christian who knows were my bread is buttered (God) and he has commanded me to bless the Jews (Genesis). Those who bless the Jews are blessed by God and those who curse the Jews are cursed by God. That same book says God has given ALL of the land in question to the Jews as an ETERNAL covenant that he can not break lest he soil his own Name. As such even the Jews can not give the land to others. I do have future “Israeli” citizenship via the blood of one Jewish carpenter named Yeshua BaMashiach (Jesus Christ)…..

    I distrust “community” efforts as they smell like cults to me. Does it matter if the “rules” that deny the individual his/her rights are federal, corporate business, or of local “community” origin? I really wish to escape it all.”

    This person lays out his cult beliefs and practices based on ancient tribal texts and then calls others “cults”.

    He denies the Palestinian people their human rights of land ownership on the basis of his cult beliefs and then postures as a victim himself of federal, corporate and community entities.

    A nut.


  21. Bill:

    I hope to head over to West Point to worship at Franklin Sanders church sometime in the first Q. I am going to be in Hohenwald for a community meeting on the 20th of January and am speaking at a wonderful church in Memphis on the next two Sundays http://markinthepark.net/events/ . I will look for you.

    Otherwise, nose to the grindstone here in Hickory Valley,


  22. Koshka:

    Fine to respond. I just want to make sure ya’all understand that I invite one and all, you are free to disagree and I encourage good manners.

    Decentralization is a big tent in terms of geopolitics. When it comes down to action in the real world, I find ideology does not mean much and good manners mean a lot.

    If we get this upset about this conversation, I would say the chances of our surviving the next decade are small….



  23. I remember Russell Means saying that if white America wanted to know what is in store for it, just look at what happened to the American Indians. The Indians were like the Palestinians of today.

    The Palestinian holocaust is a good issue to raise because unless they are safe, we are not save. We may be able to survive at a local level for awhile, but we will not really have any real security from those who pillage and plunder as a way of life.

    People are so divided that healthy groups are hard to find. Mention any issue and everyone scatters, it seems. As a people we are pretty broken down.

  24. Bill,

    Too bad, as a “christian zionist,” you don’t feel as compelled to speak out in indignation against the ongoing jewish slaughter of Palestinian children (are your children earmarked as “collateral damage” too, Bill?) as you do for a secular jewish geopolitical agenda. Obviously at this point, as Catherine suggests, you have been too thoroughly “worked” to tell that there is any difference between the two at all.

    No matter what you may claim, your motives are still HIGHLY suspect in my book, to say the least.

    If you are what you say, keep in mind that being a useful idiot hardly absolves one of criminal complicity, is not what God intended for us, or will score many points with Him in the end.

    I have had my say with you, good day to you sir.

    P.S. “Cyrus Scofield (Scofield Bible) and the elite that supported him could be the origin of alot of your regard for the jewish people as well as your doctrinal views of the scriptures. Check him out.” – Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! (Alas, although it’s likely much too late to reverse this flow of poison until it runs its course, in the meantime at least we can attempt to make people aware of it. Thanks for the tip, George.)

    P.S.S. Catherine, Koshka is right. That huge blind spot in Bill’s psyche that should be occupied by common human decency and morality has become zionist occupied territory and now instead radiates with a earth-threatening judeo-centric sanctimonious hypocrisy.
    And just because there are A LOT of these impaired individuals walking around, doesn’t make him any less of a disruptive and derailing nut.

    “If we get this upset about this conversation, I would say the chances of our surviving the next decade are small….”

    I suggest that serious thought needs to be given as to how to collectively defend against and neutralize sanctimonious and/or naïve ad hominem disrupters, or effective initiatives like the title of this thread (note his attempt to subtly and parenthetically squash it) or Financial Permaculture itself, will never have a chance to succeed. Small chances need A LOT of help – especially from people supported and not afraid to step on powerful toes.


  25. David:

    I tend to look at these conversations very differently then most people. I tend to understand a person by their actions, not their words. Historically, when I looked at the personal finances of a group like the one that is conversing here, most of the participants were financially committed to financing and profiting from genocide in one form or another and NOT hitting the red button. So the conversation was not what we live…simply a style choice.

    That said, the times are changing. Many of the people who come to solari.com are interested in shifting their actions and transactions. The positive change that could happen if this catches on is what gets me up early and excited these mornings.

    Thanks for joining us here!


  26. Catherine,

    Point noted. A shift away from the status quo is what we should all be working for, not following the words out of peoples’ mouths. No wonder you are in charge here!

    That being said…
    As you well know, we are not just trying to build a better mousetrap; we are dealing with people determined to crush our ability to build one, using the whole gambit of dirty tricks.

    They will not be happy to see us succeed.

    Common sense demands that we have a well thought out strategy in place to protect ourselves and our creation from verbal, financial and physical sabotage and attack.

    “’We are trying to hit everybody who is a leader of the organization […]’ Israeli Vice Premier Haim Ramon said in a television interview.”

    “Eighteen other people, including all four of Rayan’s wives and nine of his 12 children, also were killed, Palestinian health officials said.”


    We are dealing with a seriously malformed and malignant people who many believe have a mandate from God to destroy and murder all their perceived enemies.


    We should well remember that some day they or their minions will be hitting us too, sooner than we think.


    Will our strategy be to cower alone in our homes or in the rubble – or in the market – and die helplessly like Palestinians?


    Thanks for the welcome.


  27. David:

    What you describe is one of the reasons it is urgent we shift our attention and transactions to people and organizations not supporting these types of activities.

    The behavior you describe, however, does not start in the Middle East. It starts in the financial capitals. And it is here, supported by millions of Americans who are financing it and profiting from it.

    That is where the power is for change.


  28. I appreciate the education! I’ve been following events through Chris Martenson’s (chrismartentson.com) site and have been motivated to move in a more local and self sufficient direction. A few days ago, someone on Chris’ site posted a link to the You Tube video of Catherine’s talk to the Barter Conference. Wow!
    This is such empowering stuff! I did not know anything at all about you, Catherine, other than what you revealed in that talk…but as I listened the words ‘the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God’ came to me. I am a pacifist pastor in the Church of the Brethren. But the kind of warfare you’re engaged in is something akin to the’Upside Down Kingdom’ of Luke 4. I deeply appreciate what you are doing and feel empowered to begin taking away ground from the tapeworm in my community.
    My wife is a Finn from County Mayo (her granparents settled in Mass.) and we now live in central PA. The Ireland connection of this article is what caused me to stop and dig in here…it could have been any of the other articles…anyhow…I’m ready to march!

  29. You got it!

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Ephesians 6:12

    There is, indeed, a way…


  30. And so the slaughter continues (Day of Torture XX and counting)…
    I ask myself, is it really possible to build healthy oases in such a world? Is this blood and mass murder really a distraction from the reality of building, or is it reality itself, inescapable and black as night? I ask myself.

    And so on the world stage the precedent has been set. Preemptive, indiscriminate death for all the perceived enemies of jewry. (The O.T. come alive.)

    Are you paying attention?

    And to this we are expected to adjust, as if it were as natural as a light rain.

    World jewry owns the American media. Its hirelings play to their bloodlust. They have deemed it moral. They have sanitized this grotesquery. They have decreed it as banal as the weather. And the people cheer or apathetically move on to the sports.

    Are we really left to tune it all out and focus on building our sandcastles? I ask myself.

    Who has a troubled mind can not focus on building. Who does not have a troubled mind is not worth building with. I ask myself all this with a troubled mind – what is distraction and what is reality?

    CAN IT be real? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2004/may/20/israel

  31. As much as we would like to divorce ourselves from the two headed snake, we still are part of the current situation and there are some inroads being made.

    Criminals on Wall Street are being exposed daily and the regulators are sitting idly by. Read the most recent articles at http://www.deepcapture.com. The biggest traders on Wall Street have been exposed for trading on insider information/non-public information and that is how they manage to be successful. Perhaps if they got prosecuted for their maldeeds, which are many and patterned, they would be deemed criminal enterprises and assets confiscated and we could throw them in jail for racketeering and we would be done with them. We do need the good folks here to speak up.

    Deepcapture is up for award as the best business blog of 2008. These guys have done all the work that we expect of the mainstream media, investigation, documentation and exposing the failures of the regulators, some complicit, the captured media.. many.. You can help by voting for them this next week and get them additional publicity and hold the regulators accountable.

    Here is the link to vote.. vote everyday for the next 7 days.

    Wall Street has been counterfeiting everything and sucking the money out of the system.

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