A Jon Rappoport Report – Century of the Brain

“Consciousness is not going to just go to sleep in the face of this insanity. It is going to do something about it.” ~ Jon Rappoport

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report, Jon Rappoport takes us into the 21st century evolution of the human brain.

What is consciousness? How does our intelligence and imagination work?  And what will the long term impact of scientific technology and communication be on the health of our personal powers? This includes covert efforts to invade and manipulate our minds without permission or positive intent. What will the repercussions of all of this be?

Jon guides us through these questions and takes a close look at the implications of research efforts underway.  Jon has an amazing gift to bring us back to the power of consciousness and what it implies for developing our full potential as human beings.

While it is always disturbing to contemplate efforts under way to manipulate our minds, our memories and our opinions, appreciating that we live in world with a highly primitive governance system is a critical step to appreciate the extraordinary opportunities before us when we nurture our capacity to stay awake and imagine a world outside the matrix.

You want to be doing this now, so you are as far away from the psychopaths when they have their individual and collective nervous breakdowns.

It’s Jon’s show this week – so no Money & Markets. Do post your questions for us on the blog!

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Jon has created a new special collection which includes a wealth of his material on imagination and personal power. He is calling it Exit the Matrix. It comes with my highest recommendation!

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  1. Aloha,

    When I’m water coloring an inner window opens me to a free flowing level of energy, expanding my consciousness.

    When I am in each process of water to paper, the flow fascinates me. Adding colors which move on their own, small amount of pushing and guiding with my brush.

    A window of opportunity opens in me and this repeated process builds my inner core of existence, strengthens it and allows new highways of approach for myself. I’m always changed.

    Each picture is a new adventure, a deeper dwelling into myself, exposing my strengths and weaknesses for the day.

    This pool of energy allows my guidance and acceptance into a real level of living.

    I stick these paintings on all the walls, one right after another. At first, the pictures were like a child’s – teaching myself again forgotten techniques. (Severe head injuries, 8 yrs ago)

    It is not a professional look or something to sell on a greeting card that I am after. It is the freedom I feel once I put water and color to paper. It is a transcending experience. There are no rules, no good or bad, just an open entrance to other realms and streams of consciousness.

    I go deeper and deeper as the process takes me. I meet other lightbeings, other conscious worlds. These things far fresher than the early morn of this realm, exuding peace and kindness.

    When people ask me what religion I follow, I say, “I watercolor”. Of course they look puzzled but I’ve only found my truth which lies within. There is such a gap between their existence and mine that I no longer share with others. This is my first attempt after years of blank stares from others that I have put words to paper.

    Mahalo Jon for bringing yourself forward for us and all who will cast their eyes upon you, receiving what you have to offer.


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