Advanced Technologies of the Breakaway Civilization with Mark McCandlish

Talk with you Thursday!


  1. Great interview. After you get your night vision goggles, please share which ones your purchased.


  2. It is strange to think that we might actually be learning how to do some of the things that McCandlish talks about.

  3. Catherine, I am a subscriber and would be VERY interested in a smaller workshop. I hope you go ahead with it.

    Regarding the term “bug out”, I’m not sure where it originated, but I know it entered the popular consciousness from an episode of M*A*S*H that focused on this very issue. (Season 5, Episode 1 in case you have Hulu or Netflix.)

    The “mobile” in the name Mobile Army Surgical Hospital came from the fact that as the front lines of battle changed, the medical units needed to up stakes and move at the drop of a hat. The term for this was “bugging out.”

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