Agenda 21 with Rosa Koire

“UN Agenda 21 is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings…in the world.”
~ Rosa Koire

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Rosa Koire is an author and a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation.  A former District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation, her twenty-eight year career in litigation support on land use has culminated in exposing the impacts of Sustainable Development on private property rights and individual liberty.

In 2005 Rosa was elected to a citizens’ oversight committee in Santa Rosa, Northern California, to review a proposed 1,300 acre redevelopment project in which 10,000 people live and work.  Her research into the documents justifying the plans led her, with her partner Kay Tokerud, to challenge the fraudulent basis for the huge Gateways Redevelopment Project.  The City, in an attempt to block Koire from exposing the project, removed the neighborhood in which Koire and Tokerud’s properties were located from the redevelopment area.

Rosa Koire discusses UN Agenda 21 in this video:

Here is an excerpt from my conversation with Rosa Koire on this week’s Solari Report:

Catherine: In your book, you do a great job of pointing out that through our property taxes and our own tax dollars, we’re financing this — rather than the money we’re paying in taxes going to provide the services we need. Increasingly, it’s going to finance these things which are harming us. So, part of our financial problem and our time problem is that we’re paying money to somebody who’s stealing our time and stealing our assets.

Rosa Koire: That’s right and that’s through something called tax increment financing, also known as redevelopment and also known (at one point) as urban renewal and a myriad of names. Basically, your area is declared “blighted” because your local government paid a consulting company to say that hundreds of acres of your town are so grossly undeveloped and poorly maintained that no one would invest there. Therefore, they need to take property taxes from that area and give them to developers (and the land itself) who are going to get huge windfalls from your property taxes and basically build “smart growth” — which is the desired model. And they’re not going to wait for 30 years of property taxes to collect. They’re going to get a bond or money up-front. That means that you now have a loan and that a portion of your property taxes every year is going to go to pay off this huge bond debt. There is enormous bond debt across the United States and it’s one reason why your street lights are off and your parks are shabby. They tell you that you have a drought and you that can’t water your park. But there’s no money for your local services because it’s all going for bond debt to pay for those huge buildings in the center of your town which are very often empty. Because this thing is designed to bankrupt you.

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  1. Hi,

    what is your view on Carbon tax? here in Canada, new government is now taxing people for carbon emission including energy companies. Canadian economy is already deflating and now Carbon tax? is this legitimate tax?

    • I have a very dismal view on carbon tax. I believe that transparency and markets would solve the problem much quicker. Problem is transparency and free markets would revolutionize the governance system on the planet. Hence, centralizers come up with more central control. What a surprise.

  2. ‘Four fundamentals of workplace automation’ -McKinsey Quarterly
    “The bottom line is that 45 percent of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology. If the technologies that process and “understand” natural language were to reach the median level of human performance, an additional 13 percent of work activities in the US economy could be automated. The magnitude of automation potential reflects the speed with which advances in artificial intelligence and its variants, such as machine learning, are challenging our assumptions about what is automatable. ”

  3. Re: Americans now behaving badly… There is a saying that I like very much (not an excuse, but a way of viewing the situation): “The fish rots from the head down.”

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