1. Precious metals dealers report that they have all buyers and no sellers. Wholesalers will not sell at these prices. That means that there is no market at these prices — a symptom of a very forceful manipulation.

    I believe that the housing bill provided rich resources to do so — and now a series of steps are being taken to deleverage the financial system and drive resources back into the dollar.

  2. The Great Unwinding. Whoever, THEY are, they have begun to dismantle their criminal enterprise, and are destroying the evidence. It became inevitable, when a hero, probably dead, from Minot Air Force Base saved our country from martial law, and thwarted their plausibly deniable takeover. Now they have to hide their tracks and recede into the shadows.

  3. It will be interesting to see the extent to which natioonalizing Freddie and Fannie may help shelter the data from subpoenas, investivigations and civil lawsuits. I agree. Lots of evidence destruction going on.

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