Are You Not Entertained?

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:11

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last Thursday, I was staying with friends who watched the Republican debates. I heard bits and pieces as I criss-crossed the house and then I went to the gym. While there, I listened to the talking heads discuss the debate and show excerpts.

I felt a dread in the pit of my stomach. That’s the feeling I get when I watch people being tricked into giving away their power – and I feel helpless to warn or protect them.

I understand why Trump was pulled into the primaries. People feel angry and alienated. Donald Trump gets them to pay attention by processing their anger and their grief. He also “whites out” the field of contenders and any real discussion of important policies. He converts the process to a circus. In the long run, that protects Jeb Bush and the syndicate that finances him.

Unfortunately, Trump does something else. Polls showing popular support for him denigrate the image of the American people in the world’s mind. It affirms that Americans are not good citizens and that democracy does not work. Americans are simply the mob and our elections are just more bread and circus. We vote for TV stars and entertainers. We think it’s funny when they openly admit that they’re willing to broker our support to the highest bidder.

Ultimately, this will make it much easier to dilute the social security and health care benefits of the American people. It’s easier to debase a debased people. Destroy the brand and you can more easily abrogate the contracts.

Trump is not the only circus going. The Clintons’ global racketeering and the history of the Bush syndicate are legendary – including websites that maintain running tallies of each faction’s “body counts.”

So I am not entertained when I watch the show. If you believe you are powerless to do anything about this and that you should just laugh, think again.

The voting machines may be manipulated, but polls and policy debate still count – they have influence. Imagine what would happen if serious questions and answers led the polls and lies, spin and antics fell on disinterested ears. Or, better yet, if everyone simply turned the whole thing off.

Governing the global currency and the global trade routes is a deadly serious business. It is one of the most important leadership issues going. It is not entertainment.

While I don’t pretend that the US President really runs the country, he or she is still the Commander in Chief. The quality, integrity and experience of this person is important – even if they are only a spokesperson for a global brand.

So, if you think that destroying that brand is entertaining, think again. Or if you don’t care about the world or the American people, at least start thinking about the impact of the rise and fall of that brand to your pocketbook.

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  1. Great thoughts, Catherine. I have to admit… I have felt a little bit like a voyeour… and have been enjoying watching the Republican pundits “freak out” over Trump.

    I have a fair bit of training in marketing/advertising/persuasion… in other words “applied psychology”, but my wet-ware is just as plastic as the next persons. Your above comments, as well as some mentions you have made about possible subtexts with Mr. Noory on C2C are a reminder. No matter how versed we are in the mechanics of subterfuge and slight of hand, our own bias can still work against us, and our best interests.

    It seems to me, Trumps display of irreverence and disdain for Washington politics and the mainstream media, is perceived as a weapon by his followers, that they can… FINALLY, use to bludgeon the institutions right where it hurts them… and they are enjoying the h*ll out of watching the servants of the machinery being made fools because the “experts” prognostications and media manipulation just refuse to pan out.

    But… as you caution, subterfuge can have multiple levels and agendas. Thanks for the reminder. Things are FREQUENTLY, not as they seem.

    When it’s all said and done… what politician is willing to deal with, as Karl Denninger frequently puts it, “the mathematics”?

    None that I know of. Bernie is right about a lot of stuff… but his math is completely unhinged from reality. Rand Paul still hasn’t figured out who he’s really playing against… and his instincts suck… and I’m still not sure why he really wants to be president.

    Any way… lots of food for thought… at a little distance, preferably. 😉


    • (Watched the “are you entertained?” video after first posting my thoughts. Hmmm )

      P.S. I guess I have to admit, how easy it is for me to get caught in the rabble… and to relish the “entertainment” of watching those I have anger and disdain for get their just “rewards”.

      There is no God in justifiable anger… and where there is no God, life and the spirit of life, will not flourish. Thanks for telling truth, as usual.

      Appreciate what you do. Please don’t ever stop.


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