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Transcript of the June 2, 2011 Solari Report: Bertram Verhaag Discusses the film “Scientists Under Attack”


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The Solari Report – 2 Jun 11

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Transcript of Bertram Verhaag, Director of “Scientists Under Attack” [View the PDF]


by Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on the Solari Report I interview Bertram Verhaag of Denkmal Films, producer and director of Scientists Under Attack.

Scientists Under Attack has been described as a “documentary thriller.” We meet great scientists (Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela), researchers (Jeffrey Smith) and attorneys (Andrew Kimbrell) who have warned of the risks of genetically modified seed and food.


For many years as I propose my scenario of “the slow burn,” I find myself the odd man out in the financial blogosphere. The discussion is full of catastrophic scenarios – the dollar is going to crash, the market is going to crash, the end of the world is coming.

Yes, the dollar is falling. However, it is a managed fall. Yes, the market can crash as it did in 2008, but most of the time, we will experience managed markets in the “re-balancing” of the global economy.

Yes, the end of the world is coming for many people – in the Gulf, in Fukishima, in Haiti. It is unlikely to come for most of us together at the same time. Instead, most of us are experiencing a slow, steady poisoning of our food, our water, our air and our land in a manner that is such an integral part of the slow burn.

To understand the financial markets, you need to understand the assets that are financed – both in enterprises and in places – and how the people who run them are managed, monitored and controlled.

How many times have I had a reader or subscriber write to me and say, “That can not possibly be true. If it were true, someone would have said something, done something.”

One of the most critical control points in our society is the ability to threaten, muzzle and cut off funding to researchers and scientists who have indeed “said something, done something.”

While understanding the details of how this is regularly engineered both locally AND globally can be depressing, it is invaluable insight which is critical to protecting your health from being poisoned and your financial assets from being drained.

There is no one more heroic than a producer and director such as Verhaag who gives a platform and voice to those who would use science and our natural environment to enlighten and give life. Here is the transparency that is the basis of freedom, markets and civilization.

This is a man you want to know about. His story and work are invaluable in understanding our world.

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