Book Review: Beyond Reason


“If you are thirsty, the river comes to you, if you are not, the river does not exist.” ~Sat Prem

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Things have a way of jumping to the top of the pile just when you need them. I have been pondering over the last week about how to help Solari Report subscribers “see” the invisible aspects of reality more clearly. In the process of spring cleaning, I discovered this slim book that had arrived in 2014. It’s a big help.

Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child was written by Dr. Gregg Korbon, an anesthesiologist and pain management expert, after he and his wife Kathryn lost a gifted child, Brian, who died at the age of nine. Brian left a clear trail of evidence that our material reality is not the only dimension in which we participate. Rather, memories come from the future. We are telepathic beyond the limits of time and space.

His love for Brian sends Dr. Korbon on a journey to truly understand our reality and the pathways to access our love and our power. A remarkable book, this story is a reminder of how much we learn from our encounters with death. Whether from the moments we travel through the valley of the shadow of death, or stay by the side of loved ones who pass on or communicate and receive support from our ancestors, death seems to be a space in our lives where the authentic breaks through time and again.

Our world is far greater than our material reality.

Dr. Korbon offers some astute advice for a parent facing the loss of a child. Because of unique circumstances, I could never figure out how to ensure my child’s safety so I never had children. So this is a pain I will never experience. However, I know a great deal about the fear that I might – and what might happen if I did. I also know that much of the love and intelligence we need to work through such pain and fears is to be found in the very real invisible realms that create our reality.