Book Review: Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control

Government Mind Control Tech
InfoWars | Aug 19 2018

“Make no mistake; this is an intentional attempt at mainstreaming a form of technology that will have grave consequences on society. If you have any doubt, ask any one of the victims of this research who have lost their careers and families after being diagnosed as delusional, only to see the technology they were told did not exist appear at Toys R Us!”
~ Dr. John Hall

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. John Hall is a San Antonio physician who experienced the targeting of a personal friend via the use of advanced electronics. He documented this story in A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall continued to research the use of electronic technologies and has now published a new book, Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control.

Along with my review of Mark Rich’s writings and related books, Hall’s works help us understand some of the tactics being used to engineer control and the nature of psychological warfare currently being targeted at the US population.

In 1994, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice entered into a memorandum of understanding to develop applications for non-lethal weapons. ( See their 2nd Year research report.) I believe this resulted in these technologies being turned over to private contractors and groups for prototyping on citizens around the country.  Dr. Hall has tried to make sense of some of the results.

In our 1st Quarter Wrap Up: Planet Debt, we focused on the importance of using electronic digital systems to surveil, influence and manage citizens on an 1-to-1 basis as being essential to managing the economy. Such tactics are at the heart of engineering the “slow burn.”

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  1. Thanks Catharine for keeping us informed. How is it these kinds of explosive pieces of information are ‘allowed’ to circulate? Is there an assumption by some that those who follow these materials are crackpots or whackos? Is this the curtain? The clowns or the court entertainer roles, or the madmen and women that exist as part of the human experience? I do find it curious that some streams of information are allowed to circulate, or, it is a part of the continued disinformation trail that Richard Dolan discussed last week. Tough stuff to discern sometimes. all the best, and certainly keeps the mind sharp.

    • Allison:

      A great deal is done behind the scenes to marginalize the authors and the marketing. There is also not enough scientific expertise to produce really threatening work.

      So I think they are allowed to percolate on the fringes.

      Yes, there is also a lot of work to screen out disinfo.

      However the gist, IMO, is true and it is important that we think about it with what we have to work with.

  2. I was reading through the most recently repost re: “Shadow Work”, followed the links and came to this information. As I am familiar with this technology through research, I found it very interesting the comment Dr. Hall makes in the interview w/ Alex Jones at the 19:00 mare (approx): That Putin reportedly said “Which ever Country controls the best directed energy weapons, will rule the World w/o bullets or bombs, etc.” This was made and reported a few years ago. Now, just recently, it was reported that Putin was speaking to a group of students and stated: ““Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said. (from

    I’m not sure what that means, but it could be an extension of DEW’s to AI being used together. It seems as though the ‘line keeps moving’. It could also mean something else will always be coming out by the ‘leadership’ to put us in fear. I’ve noticed, as well as others reporting on this topic, that when one digs deep into the research, the ‘phenomenon’ almost seems to begin happening to you. MARIE D. JONES, Author of “Mind Wars” has reported this happening to her, on radio interviews, while researching her book. It’s not that I do not think these technologies are real, of course they are, but I also think on the more ‘esoteric’ level, and question: Could we ‘create’ these situations, subconsciously? Just something to think about. Another source of information is a book called “Mind War” by Col. M. Aquino. He has written a few books about this topic, from the perspective of being a Psychological Op Expert. They are difficult to read through, for me, because it is a bit ‘frightening’ to think about. I highly recommend those who research this topic to be in a stable place Spiritually, psychologically and physically. Thank You for everything!

    • She was attracting them not because of new age bs, but because the people who control them (whether they are applying them or have AI in the communication system applying them through algorithms they write) don’t want them subject to transparency.

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