Book Review: Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control

Government Mind Control Tech
InfoWars | Aug 19 2018

“Make no mistake; this is an intentional attempt at mainstreaming a form of technology that will have grave consequences on society. If you have any doubt, ask any one of the victims of this research who have lost their careers and families after being diagnosed as delusional, only to see the technology they were told did not exist appear at Toys R Us!”
~ Dr. John Hall

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. John Hall is a San Antonio physician who experienced the targeting of a personal friend via the use of advanced electronics. He documented this story in A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall continued to research the use of electronic technologies and has now published a new book, Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control.

Along with my review of Mark Rich’s writings and related books, Hall’s works help us understand some of the tactics being used to engineer control and the nature of psychological warfare currently being targeted at the US population.

In 1994, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice entered into a memorandum of understanding to develop applications for non-lethal weapons. ( See their 2nd Year research report.) I believe this resulted in these technologies being turned over to private contractors and groups for prototyping on citizens around the country.  Dr. Hall has tried to make sense of some of the results.

In our 1st Quarter Wrap Up: Planet Debt, we focused on the importance of using electronic digital systems to surveil, influence and manage citizens on an 1-to-1 basis as being essential to managing the economy. Such tactics are at the heart of engineering the “slow burn.”

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