Catherine on Living in Faith – 3.1.12

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday night, I want to talk about the big issues – faith, freedom, leadership, law and love.

In the following weeks, I will lead two Solari Reports about rebuilding our economy.

On March 8th, Franklin Sanders and I will discuss critical issues we have faced in these efforts – stories of what has worked and why – as part of the Precious Metals Market Report.

On March 15th, “The Comfort Calls Story,” an interview with entrepreneur Debbie Landers about how she started her company Comfort Calls and the legal and capital structure that Solari helped her design. In the links, we will provide a term sheet for you to share with team mates, local attorney and CPA or fellow investors to help you do something similar.

On March 22, our discussion will scale up from the the capitalization of one company to address how we might support many entrepreneurs and businesses with community venture funds and other mechanisms to create financial liquidity in private networks and communities.

We will be posting rich resource links to support the discussion at on the blog posts, including a link to our Solari Report on Solari Circles, with copies of the draft documents for creating an investment club to do securities or local investment.

There is, however, no point in more financial engineering if we don’t deal with the heart of the problem.  Our economic and financial issues are symptoms of a much deeper problem. So, first, I want to talk about living in faith – gathering the power to be honest with each other and to rebuild the integrity and trust required.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of As It Is In Heaven, a Swedish movie about a small church choir that face and clear the deeper issues among them and in their community on the way to creating an artistic performance of great beauty and power. They are led by a world class musician who has returned to the small village he left as a child to get away from bullying. It is a story of redemption and restoration with insights for all of us about the road to transformation.

We will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine. Post your questions in the comments section for this blog post.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. I enjoyed this one. I have seen As It Is in Heaven; it is a good movie.

    How do I find out about the lunch in Austin. I live near Houston.

    Cindy Mathieu

  2. Dear Catherine,

    I must say coming across your report has being one of most world-view shifting moments on my life. I have being listening to your audio seminars on my iPhone whenever I have free moments. So thank you!

    This week, your discussion regarding leadership has really hit home for me. I’m part of a learning community who are studying, teaching and researching an experimental leadership course that is design to access the Being a leader and the effective exercise leadership. I think you will find value in this short paper about the course

    I am very interested in feedback from an exceptional leader like you.

    Thank you,


  3. Anatomy of Peace is a great book to note the inner process of self abandonment or leaving our individual “True North”. We all have an inner experience that keeps us on a course given by the divine as part of inalienable nature to quest for and be on course toward our spiritual source and origins.

    “Anatomy of Peace”

    thank you,

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