Sasha Lilley
Interim Program Director

Lemlem Rijio
Interim General Manager for KPFA

Dear Lemlem and Sasha:

I learned from e-mail which was cc:ed to me yesterday that:

1. My appearance on KPFA Radio/Flashpoints yesterday was canceled shortly before the show;

2. My audio seminar and appearance to help KPFA/Flashpoints fundraising for an additional target of $15,000 was not desired; and

3. My appearance on KPFA Radio/Flashpoints is canceled for the indefinite future.

Before that time, I had no communication from you or any KPFA staff (other than the Flashpoints team) to:

1. Provide me with feedback –positive or negative — on my participation in the Community Business segment of Flashpoints;

2. Learn more about me and my professional or personal activities; and

3. Thank me for providing audio seminars and show participation to raise what I am told by Flashpoints staff was $45,000 to date this year.

I have no understanding of what your concerns are other than an e-mail rant from someone who does not know my name and has apparently not read my website to learn the basics of what I do.

I appreciate that providing citizens with an insiders understanding of how money and resources work is always a sensitive issue. So much political and economic control depends on the financial system remaining overly complex to busy people. My first experience with being censored was in the first Bush Administration. The situation at the New York Times got so ugly that the reporter had to resign. The Times Bureau Chief was rewriting the article without her permission. She caught it and stopped the story, and then resigned from the Times and retired from the industry. After watching numerous examples of censorship subsequently, I experienced a particularly painful experience in 1997 when the Washington Post spiked a story. That was when I decided to withdraw from investing time in response to requests from most corporate media.

I have been doing Flashpoints because I have great respect for Dennis and his team. The Flashpoints team help me accomplish my mission of “navigating toward a financially intimate world.” I miss doing the show. However, at your insistence, I have no choice but to cease and desist from making money and building listenership for KPFA/Flashpoints until some mysterious investigation finishes looking into some mysterious allegations.

Consequently, I would appreciate knowing precisely what your specific concerns are and on what facts and documentation you base them. I would also welcome knowing why you have not communicated them to me before the Community Business show was censored.

I welcome your reply. Please feel free to contact me if a phone conversation can be of assistance. I look forward to a timely clearing of these issues and a positive resolution in the highest and best interest of all concerned.

Sincerely Yours,

Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari, Inc.


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