Book Review: Clinton Cash


“The richer the Clinton’s get, the more they resemble the Snopes’s, the rather low-rent people from a Faulkner novel. But one of the great strengths of the Clintons all along, particularly exemplified by Bill and the unpleasantness with Ms. Lewinsky, was a complete inability to be embarrassed. And the operation of the Clinton Foundation with all this, as we say, the appearance of perhaps quid pro quo corruption, all of this demonstrates that strength. I don’t think they care.”
~ George F. Will

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer, founder and director of the Government Accountability Institute, documents how the Clintons got rich after Bill Clinton started the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton became Senator and then Secretary of State. Schweizer has done a lot of good old-fashioned investigative digging and written a responsible, matter-of-fact book.

The Clintons’ global racketeering is legendary. Bill Clinton just happened to be named US Envoy to Haiti in May 2009 after Hillary became Secretary of State. Haiti, rich with natural resources, just happened to have a 7.0 earthquake in January 2010. In my personal experience, large US retail stores just happened to be ready on the following day to collect donations for Haiti Relief – a relief fund run by (you guessed it) the Clintons.

George W. Bush helped, too, chiming in: “Just send money,  just send money” when interviewed.

What I did not know until reading Clinton Cash was that the donations financed a lot of jobs for Clinton friends but translated into very little help for the Haitian people. The Clintons must have been feeling flush because they spent over $3 million on their daughter’s wedding several months later (July, 2010). Chelsea got a $10,000 wedding cake and the Clintons got the cash…but the Haitian people never got the housing.

I can only imagine the “wealth creating” opportunities that will emerge for the Clintons from proposed trade agreements.

How exactly this reverse Robin Hood act is going to be sold to the population during the 2016 election, is anyone’s guess. Wag the dog? Entrainment technology and subliminal programming? Computer voting?  School shootings? The old games, however, are about to crash into a new reality.

As premiums are raised on Obamacare and talk grows on how we need to cut back on Social Security benefits, there will be questions as to where all the money has gone. A serious investigation of the Clintons might create the legal mechanisms to claw some of it back. The Clintons would say that it’s only a couple of hundreds of million of dollars. That may be small sums for them – but the difference between life and death for many honest, hard-working people who still have math skills, know the law and appreciate its application.

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