Control Files

By Catherine Austin Fitts

A “control file” is a private record that contains secret information or pictures that are the basis of threatening and blackmailing a person. Perhaps the most famous historical example of control files were the “dirty pictures” that J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI, was said to maintain.

A control file is an important tool of gathering and exercising power. Control files are often used to command loyalty and obedience from the people who manage government, sit in the courts, lead enterprises and direct financial transactions. Control files supercede both law and economics. They are an essential building block of “managed markets” – whether it is the bubbling of the mortgage markets, trillions in collateral fraud, or interest rates that fall to zero.

If “Mr. Global” (my nickname for the powers that be) has a control file chock full of dirty pictures and criminal liabilities then the subject of that file is likely to do whatever Mr. Global says. You and I can lobby a politician, file endless case law in support of our motion before a judge, or explain the prudent man rule and fiduciary principles to a pension manager until we are blue in the face. It will be to no avail. They will follow the direction of the person or organization that controls them through their control files.

From Mr. Global’s point of view, control files are economic. For example, take the $4 trillion that disappeared from the US government from fiscal 1998-2002. Let’s say you need 100 people in the payment and systems areas in the US government senior service and their accounting, systems and banking firms to engineer this move and the related agency securities fraud.  Which is cheaper? Arranging control files and a few “accidents” or cutting them in for a % of the profits?

If you want to use your time and money effectively in this world, you are well served to understand the existence and power of control files. This includes understanding one of the primary methods used to create control files – sexual entrapment and addiction. Which means, understanding the most powerful and profitable dirty picture of all – pedophilia.

If you have pictures of family men having sex with a child, they are yours for life.  Such people can and will help you engineer the theft of trillions for modest compensation. You control them. They are slaves who are all the more effective as their slavery is invisible. It is secret. No one – not even their closest friends and family – can see who their real bosses are and where their true loyalties lie. No one can fathom that a bank CEO or a senator is, in fact, a slave.

The organized, systemic use of pedophilia is far more common today and throughout history than most people can fathom.  In part, this is because understanding pedophilia traditions requires understanding the mind control techniques sometimes involved and the resulting amnesia and denial these techniques create.  In part, it is because it is unpleasant to face what we do not know. No one likes to be the pasty, the naïve guy who was not “in the know.”

We are dealing in a world increasingly run by databanks of control files. As satellites and drones fan out over our skies, traffic and security cameras go up on streets and buildings and telephone calls are recorded and mined with artificial intelligence, we are well served to appreciate the increasing power and importance of the control file system.