Creating Liquidity in Your Neighborhood & Networks with Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Families and communities are struggling with significant currency debasement and ever more complex regulation which function as capital controls,  shutting off opportunity and liquidity to the average person.  What to do? Individually, we can reposition our personal and family assets. We can start businesses. The next step is to improve the transaction flow between individuals and business.

This Thursday we will speak with Thomas H. Greco, Jr., proprietor of Reinventing Money and author of New Money for Healthy Communities,  Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender  and The End of Money and the Future of Civilization. Tom has spent decades writing, researching and educating about the importance of providing alternatives to a financial system that is draining us. We will describe ideas that are working and how they might energize our efforts individually and in our neighborhood and networks.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine. Post your questions in the comments section. In Let’s Go to The Movies, a review of Paul Grignon’s  animation series, “Money as Debt, I, II and III.”

Money As Debt – YouTube

Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Catherine,

    Your previous guest (Comfort Calls) sounds terribly naive when it comes to patents and could use a warning not to get discouraged.

    I’m inventor of over 40 patents, and I can tell you that every single patent always gets rejected the first time. Patent investigators (patent employees) get paid by the number of patents they review and they get “points” against their quota for rejecting a patent. It usually takes two rejections and then a limited acceptance with 6 months to a year been one rejection and the next.

    She could give me a call if she wanted to hear more about this or she get ask her attourneys to be frank with her about how long its going to take to get from Patent Pending to patent awarded. I would guess that her patent, which is more of a business practice type patent I think, is even more prone to long delays, I suspect.

    She would benefit, I think, to be forewarned.

    Douglas M Dillon, 240-383-6846

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