Dr. Samuel Milham on Dirty Electricity: Are You Paying Your Utility Bill With Your Life?

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Transcript of the September 1, 2011 Solari Report: Dr. Samuel Milham on Dirty Electricity

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The Solari Report 2011-09-01

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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction – 0:00 – Tonight’s interview; sneak preview of new subscriber blog

2. Theme – 2:02 – Financial Ecosystems; debasement, works across balance sheet and income statement; want to help you see the relationship between different phenomenon impacting all aspects and how it relates to your financial and physical well being …

3. Money & Markets – 4:32 – Hurricane Irene – flooding and power outages; all sorts of unusual behavior; volatility in precious metals and stock markets

4. Let’s Go to the Movies – 5:11 – Die Hard With a Vengence – Good reminder of how close everything in downtown Manhattan is with a subway tunnel running underneath it and the extraordinary security issues involved in that area …

3. Money & Markets (continues) – 6:08 – Federal Reserve Board on Thursday announced a formal enforcement action against the Goldman Sachs; push to repatriate profits without taxes; fundamental Economics of breakaway civilization – group of people who are above the law and as that becomes apparent, less and less looks safe; passing more laws is not going to solve the problem that we have a group of people in control who do not obey the laws; just create more rules for us… that we have to obey and then don’t – makes us weaker, makes the absence of the balance of power worse …

4. Solari Hero: Dr. Sam Milham – 14:41

4. Special Notice – 15:27 – See comments on Adam Trombly interview; transcript of that Solari Report up next week …

5. Ask Catherine – 15:59 – Exit precious metals?

6. Interview: Dr. Samuel Milham – 17:31

7. Up Next – 1:00 – Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders; Peter Ireland on Financing For the Rest of Us; Third Quarter 2011 Wrap-up …

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Transcript of This Solari Report

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on the The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) I will be speaking with Dr. Samuel Milham, a physician-epidemiologist specializing in public health.  Dr Milham has published extensively for decades in scientific publications regarding the occupational cancer risks  of electromagnetic fields.  Last year, he published a popular review of his findings, Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.  This is a fascinating, well written book on a topic of great importance to you and your family.

One of the goals of The Solari Report is to help you protect yourself and your family from debasement. One of the critical things to understand is that financial debasement is accompanied by debasement of all the items throughout our balance sheet and income statement.

Yes, our dollar deposits are shrinking in purchasing power. However, we are also grappling with the quality of the products and services that we pay for — whether through government or private industry – not being delivered or being delivered with invisible, growing risks.  Sometimes the quiet deterioration of products and services can have a much more devastating impact on our personal and financial security than what is happening to our bank and brokerage deposits.

Most of us pay utility bills. It is a very significant financial item over a life time. We also pay taxes for regulation of utility services. Are we getting our money’s worth? Or, given hidden health impacts, are we paying for our utility bill with a diminished quality of life and even a reduced life expectancy? Indeed, when we assess the various risks related to health or personal privacy, do the economics of getting “off the grid” pencil out very differently than we think?

One of the reasons I am so delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Dr. Milham and his work to you is as a follow up to our interviews with B. Blake Levitt  on Electromagnetic Environments & Our Health and Beware the Smart Grid (transcript available to subscribers.).

I will start with Money & Markets and answer your questions in Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the Die Hard action series, Die Hard with a Vengeance, starring Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons and Samuel Jackson to discuss the types of financial shenanigans that occur at times of natural and unnatural disasters. This discussion is inspired by New York’s evacuation in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. See my blog post this last weekend: “So What Happens to the Gold and Critical Records Stored on Wall Street During Hurricane Irene?”

(21 June 11)

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