Equity Overview with Chuck Gibson: Secular Trends in the U.S. Equity Markets – January 17

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday, Chuck Gibson, my partner at Sea Lane Advisory, LLC, joins me on our quarterly Equity Market Report for an in depth review of the U.S. equity markets.  This one involves in-depth analysis and charts of the long-term trends that inform our expectations for 2013.  Solari Report subscribers will find this an excellent addition to the material in our Annual Wrap up where we look at the “deeper news” and what to expect in the year ahead.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of “The Bank,” an Australian thriller about a mathematician who believes he has found the combination of chaos theory and fractal geometry that can indeed predict the stock market. This is another movie that connects foreclosures and what is happening “in the streets” to the boardrooms and global financial markets.

Talk to you Thursday!


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  2. Hi Catherine –

    I would like your perspective on two news items, if you would please.

    1) The ‘suicide’ of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz. He was against so much of what the gov’t is for. Seems like another gov’t hit to me. I remember that Bernie Madoff’s some also committed ‘suicide’ by hanging himself in his NY apartment.

    2) What of the troubles plaguing Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners? Seems terribly easy to sabotage these jets after manufacture, testing & delivery. Is someone trying to throw favor on the Air Bus?

    A comment on gun control: Americans has always had guns & rifles. The real issues are the strong drugs these shooters all seem to be taking combined the covert (government?) operations controlling them. Of course, I don’t expect THAT to make Piers Morgan’s show.

    Looking forward to Chuck Gibson’s insights this week, too!

    All the best!

    Dave Kohler

  3. Chuck Gibson’s presentation was one of the most insightful presentations I have experienced. His charts, explanations, and interpretations were easy to follow, and, shed deeper insights into things I need to be paying attention to. i am a PhD trained data analyst by training and appreciate high quality tables and graphs – Chuck, you get an ‘A’ for your presentation materials!

    My money is largely “tied up” in a company 401 k plan in a leading mutual fund company with 17 very limited fund options and the ‘lifetime’ fund instruments. However, I sit on the financial committee and provide 1/4ly inputs to the financial firm that advises us on our portfolio. We still, for example, have NO options for exposure to energy, currencies, or precious metals, after nearly 12 years into a bull market – other committee members, except one gentleman who grew up in Russia, think I am crazy. Basically, 16 out of 17 funds track exactly the same direction – yes, 12 years into this US bear market. However, we do have one REIT specialized sector fund – that is it. With these kinds of webinars, I am better able to shout a contrarian voice to an otherwise very 1990’s approach to company 401k portfolio management. it. I am ‘stuck’ with this plan until I leave the company.

    Needless to say, I am personally investing in this plan only to get my match and investing largely outside this 401k in other sectors. This webinar has helped me to plan for repositioning my company 401k retirement plan in 2013. Thank you.

    Thank you again Catherine for a very high quality, very informative, and very helpful weekly report.

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