Exit the Matrix with Jon Rappoport – March 28

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The Solari Report 2013-03-21

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“Imagine.” ~John Lennon

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on the Solari Report, I join Jon Rappoport for one of my favorite discussions.

The result of Jon’s deep research into control mechanisms – the Matrix – is to discover the power of our imagination to create new reality tracks and new futures.

This will be a lively discussion about leaving the Matrix. What is the Matrix? What prompted John’s research of the Matrix? How did he come to discover the creative and spiritual qualities we all possess that allow us to exit the Matrix if we dare to do so? How can we be confident that we have the power to create the world we desire?

Join us this Thursday for the answers to these questions and some great imagination exercises to enhance our powers. Exiting the Matrix isn’t just a vague idea. It’s a real process, along a real road.

I want our money to change. Part of changing our money, is changing our hearts and minds.

It’s Jon’s show this week -so no Money & Markets or Let’s Go to the Movies. Do post your questions for us on the blog!

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Jon has created a new special collection which includes a wealth of his material on imagination and personal power. He is calling it Exit the Matrix.

For more information on Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News.

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