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The Solari Report – 03 Jun 2010

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by Catherine Austin Fitts

On this week’s Solari Report, I will be speaking with Jim and his sister Linette Crosby of Crosby Mint Farm and the Get Mint Trading Co.

We first began reporting on Jim and Linette’s challenge facing foreclosure on their family mint farm in Michigan in November 2008 (See “Preserve a Piece of History“). That Christmas, we encouraged the Solari network to consider the amazing peppermint and spearmint oil that the Crosby family makes for their holiday purchases. (See “Get Mint Oil for Xmas“).

Jim and Linette’s efforts to save the family farm continued into 2009 (See “Get Mint Oil~!“). After losing the farm to foreclosure, they succeeded in getting their online store back up and running in October. (See “News from the Get Mint Trading Company“). In December 2009 they attended the bank’s auction of the farm, still fighting to get it back. (See “Crosby Mint Farm – Update“).

Then, in February 2010, came the announcement that they had succeeded in getting the farm back. (See “Crosby Mint Farm – Good News!“).

Their story is about many things:

  • It is about a debt and banking system that actively works to destroy healthy businesses;
  • It is about the dirty tricks that are part of economic warfare;
  • It is about the value of an excellent product that reaches thousands of customer;
  • It is about the power of private equity to free us from dependence on the banking system.

Finally, it is about the power of prayer.  Jim and Linette are people of great faith. They never gave up. They invited prayer at every turn. The tag line for their products from their store is “Expect Miracles!” Sure enough, they got one!

In the process they created a loyal network of steady customers. I know, because I am one of them. So are many Solari subscribers and readers. Your generous support expressed in purchases and prayers and passing on our updates and blog posts has been part of this miracle.


Before the interview with Jim and Linette, I will be covering current events in Money & Markets and responding to questions in Ask Catherine. As change accelerates, there is much to cover that is important for you to know.

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