False Flags with Richard Dolan

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“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
~ James Madison, fourth President of the United States

By Catherine Austin Fitts

We are seeing an increased use of covert force delivered via sophisticated surveillance technologies and exotic weaponry (both visible and invisible) to stage violent events. Such events are designed to:

  • Draw media attention / boost media revenues
  • Shift popular opinion
  • Justify government policies and acts of war
  • Further centralize wealth and political power

Indeed, it may be said that such events – often referred to as false flag events – are a form of street theater or reality TV which have been taken to a whole new level of intensity and profitability.

Under the circumstances, it is not surprising that my esteemed ally, Richard Dolan, is writing a book about false flag events.  I took the opportunity to invite Richard to join me this week on the Solari Report to discuss his research.

Two phenomena are critical to the development of false flag capabilities: the emergence of private armies and intelligence agency who can, along with their public counterparts,  command a remarkable array of new and invisible high tech surveillance tools and invisible weaponry. Because these topics are complex, I have researched and written a series of book reviews to supplement this week’s discussion:

My goal is not to draw you into the heart of darkness. Rather, I want you to see what is happening around you so that you are less likely to be tricked or harmed.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a new TV show, Mr. Robot, which was recommended by one of our most astute subscribers. It is the story a young cyber-security expert who must navigate between greedy corporations, dangerous hackers, rapist drug dealers and naïve psychiatrists while searching for a pathway to a “free and inspired” life.

And you thought you were having a bad day!

I will also be reporting on the latest events in Money & Markets as I drive across the country and return to Tennessee. Don’t forget to post your questions in Ask Catherine.

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  1. Ministry – N.W.O. 1992

    How to love without a trace of dissent
    I’ll buy the torture ‘cos you pay for the rent
    Tied high with a broken command
    You’re all alone to the promised land

    I’m in love with this malicious intent
    You’ve been taken but you don’t know it yet
    What you will know must never live to be found
    ‘Cos it’s the subject of the eyes of the clown

    What we are looking at
    Is good and evil, right and wrong
    A new world order

    A new world order
    A new world order
    A new world order
    We’re not about to make that same mistakes right

    A new world order
    A new world order
    A new world order

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Loved this talk… Especially enjoyed your ‘farting in church’ comments to your pastor! Brilliant.
    While you were talking about the ‘production qualities’ of these false flag events, I began thinking about how to get more information about the Hollywood connections.
    One of the people I have been following is Tom Secker of “Investigating the Terror.com”. His fascination is the CIA and Hollywood. I don’t know if you are already aware of him and his work, but if you aren’t, it occurred to me that he someone who would be interested in looking at what you are focused on here. His site has loads of videos as well…(http://www.investigatingtheterror.com/Contact.htm).
    Catherine, after many years of picking at this scab of lies we are asked to live, finding you, then Richard and finally Joseph Farrel, have helped (what an inadequate description) focus my questions on what is important; (always ‘que bono’, ne?). I can see potential solutions and really learn about our human past, i.e. history… What a big piece of this scattered puzzle!
    No, we cannot know the future, but we can sure as hell know the past (if we try reeeeally hard) and that gives us lots of ideas about what our future might be given the redundant nature of human behavior.

  3. Interesting that you mention Mr. Robot in the space breath as “false flags”. The news today is that the Mr. Robot finale (scheduled to air last night) was postponed because of the Virginia shooting:

    Mr. Robot Finale Postponed in Wake of Virginia TV Station Shooting

    Apparently the episode contained themes too similar to the reality.

    Of course it’s not the first time “cult fave” TV shows seem to hit on reality (specifically conspiracy or false flags) ahead of the mark, most notably when X-Files spin off “Lone Gunman” premier episode about a terrorist plot (which in reality was fronting for large multinatiional corporations who stood to gain from weapons sales) to fly a jetliner into the World Trade Center (it aired in March 2001).

    On a side note, I had already watched “Page Eight” of Worricker series before becoming a subscriber and have since watched Turks & Caicos. In your interview with Joseph P Farrel he indicated some level of “sanction” from the highest levels of British elites to allow such a series to be made “to send a message” if you will.

    I wonder if yourself and Dr. Farrel are also familiar with another BBC series, “Utopia” ? If Worricker was made to send a message, get a load of the one Utopia must have been made to send. I’ll let you discover for yourselves if you haven’t already.

  4. Oh, I also meant to ask – I can’t find Mark Rich’s “Nuts and Bolts of Tyranny” online anywhere. I did download another one of his books on kindle but that one sounds interesting.

  5. Gosh, the Inquisition as a “false flag”? Stretching the definition, methinks. Not a “deception” in the way the hoaxes governments have perpetrated upon the US and Europe of late. I hope this isn’t just more hoary anti-Catholicism at work. Here is a good article that discusses the complex truths about this entity called “The Inquisition” : http://www.catholic.com/tracts/the-inquisition

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