Financial Coup d'Etat…401k Trial Balloon?

By Chris Giles

Strains in pensions systems, in both private and public provision, threaten to turn the financial crisis of the past two years into a social crisis lasting for decades, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development warned yesterday.

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  1. @Catherine: Excellent! One excellent guest appearance on PressTV’s On The Edge w/ Max Keiser…kudos…once again stating the obvious: The emperor has no clothes!!!! All US treasury bonds are potentially counterfeit!!!! The financial coup d’etat continues…and a physical shooting war may be more and more in the near future…WOW!!! I was awaiting the mention of the potential Bank Holiday rumored to take place in the immediate 3rd quarter…Catherine do you have any insight into this possibility?? Sorry I missed your recent guest appearance on George Noory’s,as always, Richard(theoldwiseman)

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