Food & Health – Week of 04.03.16

Breaking: Houston Mayor Bans Screening of VAXXED at Film Festival There!
Flying Cuttle Fish | 08 April 2016
Is this 1939 Germany…

Beauty Secrets of the Spies
The Intercept | 08 April 2016
Funding from In-Q-Tel…Skincential Sciences

Breaking: Mayor’s Office in Houston Shut Down Vaxxed
Jon Rappoport | 07 April 2016
Threatened the Festival…

Another CDC Whistleblower Adds Fuel to Vaxxed Film’s Fight Against Censorship
Vaccine Impact | 07 April 2016
District Court…

Burkina Faso Association Seeks $ 83 Million from Monsanto over GMO Cotton Failure
Sustainable Pulse | 04 April 2016
Until the technology is improved and fiber lengths…

Former Science Chief: ‘MMR Fears Coming True’
Daily Mail | 29 March 2016
Jab causes autism…

Irradiated Iraq: The Nuclear Nightmare We Left Behind
Washington Spectator | 30 March 2016
Yet to acknowledge…

Toxic Chocolate
As You Sow | 22 March 2016
Heavy metals…