Food & Health – Week of 3.01.09

Food Stamp Enrollment Jumps to Record 31.8 Million
Reuters (05 March 09)

Baxter: Product Contained Live Bird Flu Virus
Toronto Sun (05 March 09)

Officials Investigate How Bird Flu Viruses Were Sent to Unsuspecting Labs
The Canadian Press (25 Feb 09)

Medical Director of Swiss Clinic Takes Brave Stand on the Hazards of Electromagnetic Pollution (03 March 09)

Jim Rogers Buys Land, Starts Farming (03 March 09)

A Vaccine Form You Can Give to Your Pediatrician (03 March 09)

Are Your Supermarket Plums Genetically Modified? Here’s How to Find Out! (21 Feb 09)

Union of Concerned Scientists Says No to GMO Corn for Biofuel (03 March 09)

U.S. Fertility Clinic Promises ‘Designer Babies’
ctv.c (03 March 09)

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