Food & Health – Week of 9.30.12

Illinois Senate Candidate Sums Up Obama-care in One Long Sentence
Sure News | 3 October 2012

American Drug War 2 – Cannabis Destiny
Kickstarter | 28 September 2012

GM Maize Study ‘Inadequate’, EU Watchdog Claims
Telegraph | 4 October 2012
The recent paper by Prof Gilles-Eric Seralini, of Cannes University, which pictured rats deformed by enormous tumours, caused a storm on the continent

Meningitis Cases Are Linked to Steroid Injections in Spine
New York Times | 2 October 2012
Dr. April Pettit, an infectious diseases specialist at Vanderbilt University, was worried about her patient.

For Local Fisheries, a Line of Hope
New York Times | 2 October 2012
Heading toward his fifth hour of filleting, his thick rubber boots squeaking on the wet concrete floor, Glen Libby, a fisherman by trade, looks more like a beleaguered line cook than the hero of a seafood revolution.

Scientists Create GM Cow to Cut Milk Allergies in Children
The Independent | 2 October 2012
Scientists have created a genetically modified (GM) cow that produces milk with low levels of a protein known to cause allergic reactions in a significant proportion of children.

Danger: Radioactive Recycling Alert
Radical | 29 Apr 1999
Are Consumer Products Radioactive Now? What Is Going On?

Radioactive Recycling
Mother Jones | July/August 2002
From the air, the East Tennessee Technology Park looks like clusters of enormous Wal-Marts

‘Old-School’ Food Shopping Feels New As U.S. Cities Revive Public Markets
NPR | 1 October 2012
One hundred years ago, before Walmart and Whole Foods and Albertson’s and Kroger, grocery shopping was a very different experience.

PA Families Under Attack By Department of Public Welfare “Fair Share”
Age of Autism | 1 October 2012
Families in Pennsylvania who have been receiving crucial services for their loved ones through Medical Assistance by means of a qualifying diagnosis are being targeted by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.