Geneen Roth: Lost and Found

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on The Solari Report I will be speaking with best-selling author Geneen Roth about her new book Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money

In December 2008, Geneen was at home in California while her husband Matt Weinstein was with friends sailing in Antartica. Answering her kitchen phone, she was informed that Bernie Madoff had been arrested for running a ponzi scheme. Their retirement savings were gone.

Geneen was determined to minimize the losses by not allowing the financial devastation to reverberate into greater personal damage. As she wrote at the time: “I go to sleep at night oscillating between ranting about Madoff and being terrified that we won’t be able to keep our house. But then I realize that the real suffering (for me) is not living without money; it’s living inside this ranting mind.”

Successfully avoiding the victim trap, Geneen finished and published her next book, Women, God and Money: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything, which went to the top of the best-seller lists in 2010. Her book, CD & DVDworkshop and retreat sales skyrocketed. She was soon on her way to replacing her retirement savings.

She did not, however, stop there.

Appreciating that it “takes two to tango,” she turned her formidable skills at exploring the intimate feelings and compulsions around our relationship with food, to understanding money and why she and so many others invested in Madoff and numerous other fraudulent financial schemes. Geneen researched and discussed the socially uncomfortable topic of money with numerous people in her network as well as experts identified from far and wide.

The result is her beautifully written and profoundly insightful new book, Lost and Found, which will publish next week and is available now to pre-order.

To solve any problem requires gathering the power we need to solve it. Power comes from taking responsibility. It starts when we say “this is my problem, and I take responsibility to understand and solve it.”  By facing the worst of it, we find the actions within our power to protect ourselves, to build anew and to bring about real change.

What is lost? And what can be found?

Join us for a powerful conversation with this very inspiring woman.

Listen live on Thursday evening by phone, Skype or online, or listen at your convenience by downloading the MP3 after it posted on Friday.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine and end with a quick review of “Simply Raw” in Let’s Go to the Movies. I will be adding this documentary about reversing diabetes with a raw food diet to our list of top food documentaries and movies.

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