Geopolitical – Week of 1.29.12

STOCK Act Passes Senate by Vote of 96-3
Politico (2 Feb 12)

Bill Introduced To Challenge Authority Of NDAA (2 Feb 12)

Lawyers Use Ancient Code in Assange’s Last Stand (2 Feb 12)

Feds’ Secret No-fly List More Than Doubles in a Year (2 Feb 12)

Minor Senate Bill Transformed Into Broad Reform Package
The Washington Post (2 Feb 12)

What Lies In Store For The “Cradle That Rocks The World” – A History Lesson In Crisis
Zero Hedge (2 Feb 12)

Toy-Sized AeroVironment Drones Expose Enemy
BussinessWeek (8 Dec 11)

Op-Ed: US Intelligence Chief Warns Iran Prepared to Attack on US Soil
Digital Journal (1 Feb 12)

U.S. Wants End to Afghan Combat Mission in 2013
CNN (1 Feb 12)

Broadband Spectrum Prepper Resource Links
(2 Feb 18)

“I’m Bill Gross And I Endorse Ron Paul For President”
Zero Hedge (1 Feb 12)

New Jersey Gun Owners Beat Back Ammo Ban (30 Jan 12)

Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA (26 Jan 12)

American Drones Still Patrolling Iraqi Skies
The Slate (30 Jan 12)

U.S. Rushing Floating Base to MidEast
The Slate (28 Jan 12)

Boehner Says He’s Confident Congress Will Extend Payroll Tax-Cut
Bloomberg Businessweek (30 Jan 12)

Reuters Picks up on Warsh’s Remarks at Stanford
GATA (27 Jan 12)

Is President Obama Creating A Nation Of Dependents? (26 Jan 12)

‘I’m Going to Destroy America and dig up Marilyn Monroe’: British Pair Arrested in U.S. on Terror Charges over Twitter Jokes
MailOnline (30 Jan 12)

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

(26 Sep 11)

London 2012: Olympic Watchdog Member Quits Over Dow Links
BBC UK (26 Jan 12)