Geopolitical – Week of 10.30.11

Woman Facing Criminal Charges for Posing as Ex on Facebook
Fox News (3 Nov 11)

A Perversely Perfect War
The Daily Reckoning (3 Nov 11)

From The Beginning, it Was Clear Kristallnacht Was Different
JTA (1 Nov 11)

“Deadly Monopolies”: Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington on How Firms are Taking Over Life Itself
Democracy Now (31 Oct 11)

Prince Charles Has Been Offered a Veto Over 12 Government Bills Since 2005
The Guardian (30 Oct 11)

Memo to Congress: No Secret Farm Bill
The Nation (2 Nov 11)

(2 Nov 11)

TEPCO: Reactor May Have Gone Critical
NHK World (3 Nov 11)

Reactor 2 CV Gas Analysis on November 2: Slight Increase in Xe-131m, Xe-135, 100-Fold Increase in Krypton-85 from November 1
ex-skf (2 Nov 11)

Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles
Fairewinds Associates, Inc. (31 Oct 11)

How the Austerity Class Rules Washington
Truthout (21 Oct 11)

Support Cheri Honkala, Occupy Candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia, Running on Platform of No Foreclosures, No Evictions (27 Oct 11)

A Story Missing From Our Media: Iceland’s On-going Revolution (27 Aug 11)

Exclusive: Group Forms Inside Debt Panel in Quest For Deal
Reuters (1 Nov 11)

Holder Sues South Carolina Over Immigration Reform
The Dailycaller (1 Nov 11)

Greece Finally Rebels
Mother Jones (1 Nov 11)

(31 Oct 11)

Ron Paul Wins Both Tallies at GOP Straw Poll in Iowa (29 Oct 11)

Victory For Roadless Forests! Court Moves to Protect National Forest Roadless Areas
The Wilderness Society (21 Oct 11)

South Korea Plans $50Bn Fund to Pay for Unification With the North
Bloomberg (1 Nov 11)


Sam Smith – Progressive Review (31 Oct 11)

Fukushima Released Record Radiation Into Sea
Bloomberg (31 Oct 11)

What the Costumes Reveal
New York Times (28 Oct 11)

Feds Tighten Belt by Cutting Agricultural Reports
Rapid City Journal (28 Oct 11)

Obama Moves to Ease Student Loan Burdens
Washington Post (26 Oct 11)

Billionaire French Hotelier Shot Dead ‘In Professional Hit’
UK Telegraph (26 Oct 11)