Geopolitical – Week of 10.31.10

Exclusive: Next House Banking Panel Head: Liquidate GSEs
Reuters (3 Nov 10)

A Return to Jekyll Island: The Origins, History, and Future of the Federal Reserve – November 5-6, 2010
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (4 Nov 10)

Authorities Investigate Mass Grave in Mexico (4 Nov 10)

In Alaska’s Senate Race, Murkowski’s Write-in Bid Bears Fruit
The Washington Post (4 Nov 10)

GOP Senators Fight Over Failure
Politico (3 Nov 10)

Ron Paul To Chair Monetary Policy Subcommittee
Zero Hedge (3 Nov 10)

Boehner Wants to Shelve Health Care ‘Monstrosity’
The Associated Press (3 Nov 10)

CPA Profession Wins With New Members; Important Changes to Committees
Journal of Accountancy (3 Nov 10)

In Bush Memoir, Policy Intersects With Personality
The New York Times (3 Nov 10)

California Rejects Pot And Global-warming Measures
Los Angeles Times (3 Nov 10)

Britain and France Sign Landmark 50-year Defence Deal (2 Nov 10)

Ohio, Other States Flip to GOP Governors
The Wall Street Journal (4 Nov 10)

As Races End, Tea Party Plans for Next Phase
The Wall Street Journal (4 Nov 10)

Republican Win May Be Tax Boon For Companies, High Incomes
Bloomberg (2 Nov 10)

Reid Survives ‘Toughest’ Fight to Win Fifth Term
Associated Press ((3 Nov 10)

What happened to the Tea Party?
Brasscheck TV (21 Oct 10)

In memoir, Bush Says he Considered Dropping Cheney From 2004 Ticket
The Washington Post (3 Nov 10)

When Will Full-body Scans Become Mandatory?
Elliott (2 Nov 10)

Google Says U.S. Favored Microsoft
The Wall Street Journal (2 Nov 10)

GOP Roars Back to Take U.S. House; Democrats Cling to Senate Majority (3 Nov 10)

Johnson Topples Liberal Sen. Feingold in Wisconsin (2 Nov 10)

Kentucky Sends Ron Paul’s Son, Rand, to The Senate
GATA (2 Nov 10)

Democrats Lose House Majority, Networks Say; Republicans Likely to Come up Short in Senate
The Washington Post (2 Nov 10)

Schwarzenegger Bans Welfare Cards at Psychics
Yahoo News (2 Nov 10)

UK And France Sign up to Closer Military Cooperation
Reuters (2 Nov 10)

Police Find Explosive Parcel Sent To Sarkozy
Yahoo News (1 Nov 10)

4 U.S. Citizens Killed in Mexico
The New York Times (2 Nov 10)

Companies May Have to Make Amends After Midterm Elections
The Washington Post (2 Nov 10)

Democrats Outspend G.O.P. in TV Ads in House Races
The New York Times (1 Nov 10)

Winners Tuesday May Benefit From Economic Cycle
The New York Times (1 Nov 10)

State Bans Welfare Cards at Pot Clubs, Massage Parlors
Los Angeles Times (1 Nov 10)

The Stakes of November: It Doesn’t Matter That Much
The Economist (27 Oct 10)

Brazil Elects Dilma Rousseff as First Female President
BBC News (1 Nov 10)

SEC Investigating JPM, Magnetar Deal
Zero Hedge (1 Nov 10)

Irish Health Minister Gets Doused In Red Paint For Having Austerity “Blood On Her Hands”
Business Insider (1 Nov 10)

Young Voters Say They Feel Abandoned
The New York Times (31 Oct 10)

Republicans Poised to Make Gains; House Could Fall, Senate Unlikely
The Washington Post (31 Oct 10)

Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity Draws Marchers From Across America (31 Oct 10)

Mail Bomb in Dubai Sent on 2 Passenger Planes
Yahoo News (31 Oct 10)

TSA Demands Testicular Fondling as an Alternative to Naked Scanners
Boing Boing (30 Oct 10)

(6 Aug 2008)

China: Debate on Rare Earths Export
Global Voices (29 Oct 10)

Massive US Intel Cost Revealed: $80 Billion for 2010
News From (28 Oct 10)

Unemployment Offices To Add Armed Guards
The Indy Channel (27 Oct 10)


Marxism in America
Morning Star TV (24 Oct 10)