Geopolitical – Week of 12.2.2012

Quebec Going it Alone With Gun Registry
The Globe and Mail | 06 December 2012
Quebec is pressing ahead with plans for its own gun registry…

Electronic Handcuffs: More Warnings From Law Enforcement
The Daily Bell | 06 December 2012
Next-Gen Law Enforcement Handcuff System Revealed…

Video: Doomsday for Iran? US Tests EMP Bomb
Information Clearing House | 05 December 2012
Boeing has successful tested an EMP missile that turns “science fiction into science fact”…

Yes on Prop 37 was Classic “Controlled Opposition”
Jon Rappoport’s Blog | 05 December 2012
“Agricultural co-existence?” Huh? What does that mean?

SEC Will Pursue Fiduciary Rule in 2013
Adviser One | 03 December 2012
The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to “move forward”…

Obama Spurns Republican Fall-Back Plan
The Wall Street Journal Market Watch | 05 December 2012
Next 72 hours critical, House leader says; other GOP back all options…

Elite Intrigues and Military Purges: It’s Not About Sex, Stupid!
Global Research | 22 November, 2012
The headline stories claim that CIA Director General David Petraeus resigned…

Treasury Secretary Google?
Washington Examiner | 04 December, 2012
Already a winner on the business front for his support and guidance…

The Most and Least Corrupt Countries Globally
Yahoo Finance | 05 December, 2012
The United States may have the world’s largest economy, but it does not even crack the top…

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange interview with RT

Assange to RT: Entire Nations Intercepted Online, Key Turned to Totalitarian Rule I 30 November, 2012
Julian Assange: The people who control the interception of the internet. . .

Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State
Democracy Now! I 29 November, 2012
In his most extended interview in months, Julian Assange speaks to Democracy Now!

Kissinger and the Secret Spy Network of Old Nazis and German Aristocrats ‘who plotted to overthrow West German Government’

Daily Mail | 03 December 2012
A German academic has unearthed evidence showing…

IMF Officially Endorses Capital Controls in Reversal

Bloomberg | 03 December 2012
The International Monetary Fund endorsed nations’ use of capital controls in…

Fitch: “Fiscal Cliff” Significant Risk to U.S. States
Yahoo Finance | 02 December 2012
Fitch Ratings warned in a special outlook on Monday that the impending…

Monsanto Insurance: USDA Tells Farmers to Pay for Avoiding Troubles with Agro-Giant | 22 November 2012
The United State Department of Agriculture has finalized a report…

World Embraces Palestine; Snubs US, Israel

The Times of India | 1 December 2012
The United States and its ally Israel were isolated and humiliated…