Geopolitical – Week of 12.28.08

Russia-Ukraine Gas Row Heats Up (31 Dec 2008)

Bush Signs Pension Relief Bill Into Law
Reuters (30 Dec 2008)

Pakistan Moves Troops To Indian Border
Financial Times (30 Dec 2008)

IDF Mobilizes Tanks, Reinforces Troops Along Gaza Border (30 Dec 2008)

City Council Insists CALPERS Practice Ethical Investment
MercuryNews (17 Dec 2008

Israel Considers Ground Attack as it Mobilizes More Troops
Truthout (29 Dec 2008)

U.N. Official Calls Israel ‘Apartheid’
Real News (13 Dec 2008)

TV News Winds Down Operations on Iraq War
NY Times (28 Dec 2008)

Patton was Assassinated Claims New Book
The Telegraph (21 Dec 2008)

Rail Takes Back Seat as States Target Obama Stimulus for Roads
Bloomberg (24 Dec 2008)

Recession Opens U.S. – China Rift
Bloomberg (29 Dec 2008)

U.S. Police Could Get ‘Pain Beam’ Weapons
New Scientist (24 Dec 2008)

U.S. Military Troops and Bases Around the World
Global Policy Forum

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