Geopolitical – Week of 1.31.10

Gov’t to Pay More Than Half of U.S. Health Costs
Fox News (04 Feb 10)

U.S. Missionaries In Haiti Charged With Child Kidnap
Reuters (04 Feb 10)

New Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly to 480,000
Fox News (17 Dec 09)

Bank Executives Ask For Government Help To Curb Bonuses
Reuters (04 Feb 10)

Billionaire Whistle-Blower Loses $730 Million Alleging Fraud (04 Feb 10)

Lebanon’s AK-47 Index May Be Pointing To War
The National (03 Feb 10)

U.S. May Lose 824,000 Jobs as Employment Data Revised (03 Feb 10)

World’s Biggest Emitters Sign Up to Copenhagen Accord (01 Feb 10)

Partisan Trends
Rasmussen Reports (01 Feb 10)

Amazing Speech By War Veteran
YouTube (Feb 2010)

Bill Moyers Journal-Watch & Listen (29 Jan 10)

The Terror Card: Fear Is The Key To Obedience
Global (31 Jan 10)

US Raises Stakes On Iran By Sending In Ships And Missiles (30 Jan 10)

‘Capitalism Is Evil … You Have To Eliminate It’ (30 Jan 10)

California Senate OKs Single-payer Health Plan
San Francisco Chronicle (29 Jan 10)

David Kelly Death Evidence ‘To Be Kept Secret For 70 Years’ (24 Jan 10)

The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont
Time (31 Jan 10)

‘Nobel Peace Prize-winner Barack Obama Ups Spending on Nuclear Weapons to Even More Than George Bush’
Daily (29 Jan 10)

NY Pols Stunned to Learn Obama Administration Opposes Funding For 9/11 Health Bill
Daily News (28 Jan 10)

China Suspends Military Exchanges With US
Yahoo News (30 Jan 10)

PG&E Refutes Suit Alleging Price-gouging Via Smart Meters
GreenBeat (09 Nov 09)