Geopolitical – Week of 2.28.10

Panelists Question Citigroup’s ‘Government Guarantee’
The New York Times (4 March 10)

Democratic Defections on Abortion Issue May Imperil Health Bill (5 March 10)

Howard Dean: Health Bill Hangs Dem Incumbents And Obama Out to Dry in Elections
The Hill (4 March 10)

Transparency Network

Adote um Vereador”Adopt” A Local Politician”

2 Police Officers Shot at Pentagon Entrance
The Washington Post (5 March 10)

Harkin: Reconciliation Is A Go
Politico (3 March 10)

Judge Rakoff nails JP Morgan
Online Journal (24 Feb 10)

Frank Asks Bernanke to Probe Paul’s Complaints on Watergate, Iraq
GATA (3 March 10)

Army Sees Sharp Rise in Unfit Soldiers
USA Today (2 March 10)

Perry Trounces Hutchison in Texas Primary
Politico (2 March 10)

Rangel Temporarily Steps Down as House Ways And Means Chair
CNN Politics (3 March 10)

Health Care Reform
Rasmussen Reports (1 March 10)

Supreme Court Still Divided on Guns
The New York Times (2 March 10)

The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation

John Laughland on US & Russia
YouTube (1 March 10)

Army Awards Lucrative Contract to KBR
Associated Press (2 March 10)

Board Openings Give Obama a Rare Chance to Remake The Federal Reserve
The Washington Post (2 March 10)

Postal Service Weighs 5-day Delivery (2 March 10)

Dodd Wants Democratic Support For Consumer-protection Regulator at Fed
The Washington Post (2 March 10)

That Was a War Council in Damascus
The National (28 Feb 10)

Kohn to Leave Fed at End of Term as Vice Chairman (1 March 10)

Senate Bank Panel Said to Agree to Scrap Obama Consumer Agency (1 March 10)

Pelosi Says She’ll Get Votes Needed For Health Bill
The New York Times (1 March 10)

Bunning Blocks Jobless Aid in Senate
The New York Times (25 Feb 10)

The Gun-toting Boys From Brazil Who Rule Rio’s ‘Corner of Fear’
Times Online (27 Feb 10)

Putin Raps Energy Sector Oligarchs
Financial Times (25 feb 10)

Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.25B in Reparations (21 Feb 10)

Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among Us
Larry (March 2010)

Opposing The Dietary Supplement Safety Act 2010
The NHF (Feb 2010)

US And Europe Scrambling to Adjust to Changing World Order
China Daily (25 Feb 10)

Sheriff Says He’ll Undermine Gun Ban (vote in poll) (23 Feb 10)