Geopolitical – Week of 3.01.09

360,000 Veterans May Have Brain Injuries
USA Today

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Tightens State Control of Food Amid Rocketing Inflation And Food Shortages (04 March 09)

Chávez Targets Cargill Mills in Price-Control Move
The Wall Street Journal (05 March 09)

‘Israel Seriously Considering Iran Military Action’
The Jerusalem Post (05 March 09)

Five More States Invoke the 10th
Human Events (04 March 09)

FEMA Camps Outed on Fox
Brasscheck TV

Make a Law – Make a Business

Report: Obama Offers to Scrap Missile Shield If Russia Cooperates on Iran
Fox (02 March 09)

The Supreme Court Confronts a Mystery
Truthout (03 March 09)

The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis
The Huffington Post (02 March 09)

Treasury Ordered To Hand Over TARP Info To Fox (23 Feb 09)

Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program Opt-Out Lists (23 Feb 09)

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