Geopolitical – Week of 5.29.11

Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony (2 June 11)

For a Whistle-Blower, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
New York Times (1 June 11)

Debt Ceiling: Moody’s Just Threatened To Slash The US Credit Rating
Business Insider (2 June 11)

Google Reveals Gmail Hacking, Says Likely From China
Reuters (2 June 11)

US Senate Bill Would Force CFTC to Act on Position Limits
Reuters (2 June 11)

CalSTRS Eyes Policy on Corporate Political Spending[Full news story (requires subscription)]
Pensions & Investments (2 June 11)

Vallejo Judge to Weigh City’s Bankruptcy Exit Plan July 28
Bloomberg Businessweek (1 June 11)

Former French Minister ‘Abused Small Boys’
The Independent (2 June 11)

‘Para-politics’ Goes Bananas
The Nation (16 April 07)

Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War
The New York Times (31 May 11)

Cyber Combat: Act of War
The Wall Street Journal (31 May 11)

IAEA Report: Japan Nuclear Plant Was Not Ready For Huge Tsunami Waves
CNN World (1 June 11)

Family Farmers Amplify Legal Complaint Against Monsanto’s GMOs
The Cornucopia Institute (31 May 11)

In Showdown Over Debt Ceiling, Neither Party Is Blinking
The New York Times (31 May 11)

Europe Weighs Options For New Greek Package
Reuters (31 May 11)

Former Bank Head Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges
CNBC (31 May 11)

Joint Chiefs Pick is Soldier-scholar And Singer (30 May 11)

USDA Fines Family up to Four Million Dollars For Selling Bunny Rabbits
Natural News (20 May 11)

Big Sis Pre-Crime System to Scan Americans For “Malintent” (30 May 11)

(28 May 11)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr./Overheard with Evan Smith
(26 May 11)

Meet Your New Pot Dealer: Big Pharma
East Bay Express (25 May 11)

Priest in Archdiocese of Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals Arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges
Cryptogon (27 May 11)

Republican Judge Strikes Down Ban on Corporate Contributions Directly to Candidates
AlterNet (27 May 11)

Obama Vows National Response to Missouri Tornado
Reuters (29 May 11)

IRS Struggles to Control Taxpayer Identity Theft
Accounting Today (26 May 11)

Treasury Releases Plan to Review All Regulations
Journal of Accountancy (26 May 11)

Lawmakers See Promise in Push to Repeal Withholding Rule
The Hill (26 May 11)

Racism is ‘Worse For White Americans Than Black Americans’
The Telegraph (25 May 11)

(9 March 10)