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The story of Crosby Mint Farm in Michigan is…

  • a story of why it is essential for farmers to build retail markets — both to sell their products and to raise equity capital. It is a story of why depending on debt and banks is a dangerous thing to do in a political economy.
  • a story of how private financial and banking interests that lend with debt instead of invest with equity can often make more money from destroying productive businesses and people than in helping them succeed — and the dirty tricks that are used in these situations.
  • an opportunity for all of us to help create real solutions to the challenges before us by participating with the brother and sister team who run Crosby Mint Farm, Jim and Linette Crosby, in ensuring that Crosby grows independent and strong. Jim and Linette are the fourth generation of the Crosby family to lead Crosby Mint Farms.

Our opportunity revolves around the fact that the peppermint and spearmint essential oils that Crosby Mint farm makes and distributes are absolutely fantastic.

The Crosby Mint essential oils when properly stored have an indefinite shelf life. That means provision to address numerous invaluable household and health applications can be stockpiled as both investment and resource in inflationary or uncertain times.

The Crosby’s have more than enough oil to pay off all their debts and revitalize the farm if they can create a healthy retail market with their local sales and online store and build sales quickly.

I believe a strong retail market can be developed if everyone who would enjoy their oils and hears of this opportunity purchases and, in turn, spreads the word to those who would welcome knowing of this important opportunity to make a difference.

Buy some Crosby Mint Farm oils today! Use it, stockpile it. Essential oils will hold or increase in value which is more than I can say for the US. dollars our money is sitting in now. Click here for their store or here for bulk purchases.

If you want to take a positive action to communicate how fed up you are with large banks, bailouts, currency manipulation and genetically modified food and all the other corruption and dirty tricks, here it is.  Our freedoms and way of life depend on independent farmers growing healthy natural food.

If we can save one good farm family from foreclosure and related dirty tricks, then we grow stronger and we can save more. And we can significantly improve our food sources while we do it.

I first discovered Crosby Mint Farm last year. I ordered my first package of oils and immediately fell in love with their oils. Here are two posts from my blog last year. (1,2)

I now have Crosby peppermint oils in diffusers throughout my home, I use them on a variety of muscles after working out at the gym or biking and when my head and neck ache after long hours on the computer.

I also give them as gifts. They make perfect stocking stuffer presents, or as my step-mother would say “itsy-bitsies.” I keep trying to stockpile them. However, every time someone complains of headaches or muscle pains, they get some Crosby Mint oil. After using it once, they want more.

It’s time for another order! Click here for their store or here for bulk purchases.

Crosby Mint Distillery, Circa 1925


  1. This is as serious as it gets! America… it used to be completely dependent to Agriculture. This story represents the heartbeat of our nation and the future of our economy. The determination and guts and creativity of this family is an example for us all!

  2. Hi Catherine!

    Has anybody done a MIC assay (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) on the effectiveness of mint oils in killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa?

    The MIC listing for GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) is spectacular. It shows it is usually between 10 and 100 times more potent than bleach, iodine, or silver oxide against all kinds of gram=negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoans. Bacteria do not seem to build any resistance to it. It is available at most health food stores, and lasts a long time because it takes so little.

    It occurred to me that grapefruits are semitropical fruit that in an economic collapse may not be easily available to everyone, but some kind of mint will grow almost anywhere, and serve to purify water, prevent parasites and other infectious diseases from food, cleanse wounds, etc. I recommend a reputable independent lab do a MIC assay of e coli and a few other baddies, and if it looks promising, do a MIC of more. This knowledge would add immeasurably to the value of mint oils.

    Frank Michael

  3. Frank & Catherine, I am sure my brother, Peppermint Jim, will be responding and taking note. We appreciate this advice. This knowledge on our peppermint and spearmint oil will be so valuable as you stated…thank you so much!

  4. Hi Catherine,

    The Mint Farm is about 320 miles south from us. Would love to visit some day, but with our small scale farm it does not look like it will be till fall.


  5. Hello Frank
    The answer to your question is yes over the last 100 years both peppermint and spearmint have had testing in those areas and proven to be anti bacterial,anti viral, anti microbel, anti inflammatory anti fungal,anti spasmodic. I do have specific data relating to exact fungi viral and bacterial that both mint oils are effective against.
    I would like to also add that I support your last statement in an economic collapse I defiantly would want to have mint with me.
    I currently have taken the stance right now People should have Both Peppermint and spearmint on hand if not to use on a daily bases which i recommend because they would find many benefits they should just tuck it away when that emergency happens.

    What is interesting walking through this farm foreclosure, the situation literally tripped every survival sustainable system I had in place, I had originally planned for natural disasters and worse case scenario. (Not foreclosure)It would be prudent for all to just be prepared.

    Why would want the mint oils?
    unlimited shelf life and for all the uses mint is excellent for it will help people become individually sustainable during these economic challenges.
    For the price of $5.00 that dram of mint oil will last a person 8 wks this is why I need to reach out to folks to share this information. I encourage all to do your research and at the same time remind that all medical data and testing use mint oil from one point of origin so their results are not skewed.
    The consumer does not know where their mint oil comes from blended,reprocessed,manipulated,and adulterated.
    Peppermint and spearmint Historically and currently is still the number #1 oils on the market and the most disheartening is the genetically altered (GMO) mint that has been on the market for the past 15 years which is altered to over produce.
    I almost had my hands on some but unfortunately knowing what my belief are, I was closed off to the opportunity.
    A MIC conclusion determined for mint oil marked Antimicrobial characteristics across the spectrum from fungi and parasites,through bacteria,to viruses.
    Enclosing I would like to thank you frank and Catherine for allowing me to be of service and hope that I have related the information necessary and will follow up with the suggestions from frank.

    with gratitude
    keeping the faith
    expecting miracles

    Peppermint Jim

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