Help a Farmer in Need and Preserve a Piece of History

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This update on Crosby Mint Farm just in:

Peppermint Jim Crosby here,

I just found you folks (on the Internet) and wanted to personally thank you from my heart for your support. We are working everyday to get orders out to everyone across the country. We are still not out of the woods — we need continued support. These folks we are dealing with do not negotiate. They enjoy their jobs and warned us that if we fight them it will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our last meeting with these guys, they made two statements: why don’t we want to foreclose and this would be a victory for them (“them” meaning the attorney and the senior risk officer). My sister and I could use prayers, thoughts of goodness and all positive energy.

Thank you again. I will be forever grateful.

My very best to all,

Peppermint Jim Crosby


Mortgage Foreclosure – The Family Farm

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The company foreclosing is GreenStone Farm Credit Services.

As some of you may have read or heard, Crosby Mint Farm (St. Johns, Michigan) is under foreclosure. Because of the farm’s historic significance and the desire to continue producing this wonderful essential oil, your help is needed. Please tell your friends and ask them to pass this message on.

Pass this on to your networks…

These farmers have been a mainstay of Clinton County and Friends Forever! Please help if you possibly can. $5 for a dram of pure peppermint or spearmint oil, and there’s free shipping!

“In addition to having what appears to be the oldest surviving still in the country, the Crosby Farms operation also appears to be the oldest mint farm in continuous operation in the United States. The key word here is “continuous” — that it has cultivated and processed mint since J.E. Crosby purchased the property before World War I.”

Ephraim K. Smith, President; Heritage Productions, Inc.

Currently, there is enough essential oil inventory to pay this debt. On November 1st the bank has the right to inventory AND equipment AND then on August 14, 2009 they can take over the property. 77,000 DRAM BOTTLES MUST BE SOLD BY NOVEMBER 1ST!!!



Note: Someone just posted this on one of our financial permaculture posts. Give Mint and Spearmint Oil for the Holidays: I just got 19 drams of mint and spearmint oil. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas?