1. I can’t get through to the site (unavailable) I’ll try more.. perhaps it’s because you just announced it on Coast to Coast AM. Thanks for the information!

  2. Catherine,

    Thanks to you and your listeners for your kindness and support! When I logged into our order center this morning, I knew something wonderful had taken place and someone with a voice had spoken. I am personally now reading your website for valuable advice. We look forward to sending our mint essential oil products to all of those who have ordered. Bless you for your concern and fueling our determination to fight til the end. It is with gratitude that we send our greeting. Peace from the Crosby Mint Farm…Linette & brother Peppermint Jim

  3. Katherine: I ordered two 30 ml bottles of mint oil for Xmas. I am so happy I found you through Coast-to-Coast radio, and am anxious to start putting my money where it belongs – in the community instead of the pockets of the financial barrons. I’m hanging on to every opinion you have shared with us!

  4. Catherine, While listening on C2C, I heard you speak of the mint farm and decided that even though things are so tight here that we’re not exchanging gifts this year, I would definitely place an order and support this farm. I plan to email the information to all my friends, too. Thanks for the wonderful idea and for your great financial information. C2C is definitely a lifeline during these difficult times. God Bless America – and the farm, too!

  5. I couldn’t order the candles on line, so I called and the person that took my order was delightful. I’m so glad I heard you on C2C and thank you for putting the mint link on your web site. I’ve already considered where to set up a co-op in the neighborhood, to exchange goods if it comes to that and I’ve started a small garden and can’t wait until spring! Thanks for bringing tips to those of us that grew up thinking food came from the store and money came from the ATM.

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