1. The pdf links work fine on my pc, and it is running a “bare bones” “home edition” os.

    Thanks for the charts and the info on this interesting relationship.

    What is your take on the validity of the claim that some traders are making, that any silver or gold one might possess is subkect to legal confiscation, unless it is held in collectable (rare) coinage.

  2. Thom:

    I think it is essentially yah-yah.


    PS — the US Treasury has stated on the record that it reserves the legal right to confiscate ALL assets. The letter is somewhere on GATA.org

  3. Catherine-My concern with gold (and our family has quite abit) is that if the US goes back to the gold standard, what if they set the rate very low ie. 1 oz of gold is equivalant to $100. All of us who continue to buy gold/silver would experience a huge loss.

    Also another ??. You talk about banking locally-what am I looking for in a solid local bank-what questions do I ask?

    Thank-you Cindy

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