Halloween Special: Solari Zombie Report

Photo Credit: Terry Border


“They’re out to get you, there’s demons closing in on every side, They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial”   ~ Michael Jackson, Thriller

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For Halloween, at last!

We are going to have a deep, and not entirely serious conversation about what the Zombie phenomenon is all about. Of course, our being financially oriented, you know we will also have to delve into Zombie finance.

This is a special – no Money & Markets unless the markets are crashing up or crashing down in a manner more terrifying than Zombies getting access to your online bank and brokerage accounts. Now, is Zombie identity theft worse than the NSA snatching it all anyway? Of course, we will have something to say about the Solari team’s favorite Zombie movies. I will review World War Z, the latest big budget zombie apocolypse production.

Check out the post on Thursday evening and…



  1. Hi Catherine,

    What a great topic to cover. I hope that you will also cover the zombies we encounter each day and no matter how hard we try to help save them or at least wake them up a little bit, they don’t want to hear or believe it.

    This is a song that captures this effect well, sung by Joshua Owens (I found his work through James Corbett). My 11-year old son also appreciates it given his map of the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X4lnYheeNQ


  2. Catherine:

    I am not sure I am posting this in the proper place, and whether you have
    already covered these things elsewhere. If you have, please direct
    me to that.

    Would you care to comment on no. 1 below and respond to #2, #3 and #4?

    Thank you.

    1. quote from

    Letter to the General Assembly from the

    President of the World Bank:

    The banking system is under enormous stress as witnessed by the risk of permanent gold backwardation: when all offers to sell gold for dollars are withdrawn regardless how high the bid price may go. On July 7, 2013, gold leasing ended when “GOFO” (the difference between the rate offered for future leases and the rate that applies to leases already in force) became negative. The gold basis (the difference between the nearby futures price and the spot price of gold) also became negative. This indicates a shortage of deliverable gold and gold hoarding.

    To recapitulate, just like in 1971, negative GOFO indicates the risk of permanent backwardation. Without restored confidence in international currencies, a chain-reaction leading to a barter economy commences, bringing serial bankruptcies, unprecedented unemployment, and shortages of food, fuel, and medicine. This would result in famine, pestilence, and a break-down of law and order. When the value of US Treasury paper erodes, no amount of bond buying by the US Federal Reserve will be able to stop the collapse of the fiat dollar. The monetary reserves of the world’s currencies will be extinguished, representing the largest destruction of fiduciary values in all history. Much depends on how the banking system will hold up while the new gold strategy is being implemented.

    2. Paul Hellyer


    Please provide an update on this travesty. Is the US likely to commit itself

    to permanent debt slavery via this treaty with the EU?

    3. Do you agree with this statement?

    There is consensus that the days of the fractional reserve Federal Reserve Notes are numbered. Federal Reserve Notes, backed by interest-bearing debt that compounds the problem, has lost its international reserve currency status for trade among the BRICS nations, who have agreed on a barter system for their trade accounting for at least 25% of world trade.

    This implies that the central banking/war system has lost control and cannot impose its worldwide currency.

    Do you agree?


    Dasa Vinayaga

  3. Dear Ms. Fitts:

    I am a recent subscriber. Several months ago you blew my mind by making a comment on an interview where you intimated that our professionals in our society were losing their professional independence. I had been a lawyer/litigator for 10 years and had seen first hand, but had not been able to put my finger on it. It hit me that tax professionals were becoming more concerned with the IRS than with advising me on tax strategies. Bar association ethics rules extended to lawyers a duty to those adverse to my clients and to protect those interests in my client’s settlement money. These interests are usually large health insurance companies, other insurance companies, hospitals and other large corporate institutions. The final straw was in speaking to a doctor and surgeon friend who explained that he had to teach his interns how to practice medicine in a way that is profitable for the medical corporation he works for. I am moving beyond the profession, but find this trend disturbing because we all count on independent professionals to advise, counsel and guide us.

    Given this, can you comment on this further or perhaps point us in the direction of information regarding this disturbing trend? I think I can figure out who is served by essentially gutting the professions leaving them “zombie professions” (sorry for stretching the metaphor), but where does this all lead to?

    I am grateful to have found the Solari report and for your hard work in creating a community and in sharing this amazing transformational information.

    Matt Hale

  4. I’m looking forward to this report; we just watched WWZ. Mary (Sandy’s wife) picked it out without knowing what the Z stood for. 🙂

    I have a few comments about trying to talk to other people. I have been very unsuccessful in persuading anyone to read DUNWALKE.com and I mention it frequently. In the last month or so, my best friend from high school went white and angry when I suggested that the official story behind 9/11 didn’t make sense. Then, last Friday I was at a party where the hostess is someone who has accused me of being cultish in my beliefs. My conclusions are too pessimistic for her; she is an optimist. She takes the word of Skeptoid instead of her own eyes about chemtrails. Anyway, I thought the news that the NSA building in Utah had an electrical fire and would be delayed opening for a year would be something we could all cheer. But, you would think I just dropped a stink bomb in the room. No response at all from anyone, just walk away.

    Also, I just watched the whole Frontline episode about the NFL (and concussions) and they never mentioned that the NFL is run as a non-profit, which is pretty telling.

    How many different sides on Fukishima can there be? They tested 15 tuna caught in California and they all came up positive for radiation. I am curious what the debate is you are trying to capture.

    Also, I still think peak cheap oil (as Chris Martenson now calls it) will become more of a problem in a few years or so. The shale gas is not going to save us. Yeah, I know there is free energy. But, even if they let it come to market, how is that going to help with all the other things we make out of oil, especially food?

  5. Cynthia and Catherine:
    Thanks for bringing this topic up and addressing it in the report tonight.

    How to integrate changing views into “normal” life is an on-going problem. The learning curve in figuring out how to carry on conversation seems to be long and takes considerable practice (particularly for those of us who tend to be more introverted). At times, it is very isolating (and, sometimes I wonder if that is intentional)…other times, when you notice slight changes in the people around you, it can be quite energizing. My general sense is that people watch what you do as much, if not more, than what you say.

  6. Zombie report, wow, I’ve noticed over the years that Vampire uses sex and the undead to soften up the unaware as well.

    I suspect Zombie can get much deeper into the psyche with less religious, spiritual or philosophical review before the person’s own alarms gain attention. Even a new fall TV show is using Vampire and sex to sell it’s mystique.

    Thank you,

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