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Highland Berries and Produce, 4411 Hampshire Pike, announces the opening of their produce stand at The Barn. The Barn is located one mile west of Hampshire, on Highway 412.

A joint venture between Deanna Naddy, Dotty Mulcahy and Jackie and Richard Miller, their goal is to provide fresh natural home grown blueberries and an assortment of fresh local produce to local individuals and businesses. The four met at the Permaculture Certification course in Hohenwald in 2009 and have been working on incorporating permaculture concepts in a variety of ways. Jackie Miller is also involved in the Sonnenschein Green Initiative and the Hohenwald Community Garden.

Naddy and Mulcahy have established a 2 acre plot of blueberries on their farm near Hampshire, incorporating permaculture principles in the planning and planting phases. In the spring of 2010 they planted 16 different varieties of two and three year old plants. Now in their second season the plants are beginning to produce. The sixteen (16) different varieties of blueberries will provide blueberries throughout the summer months. Harvesting of the early varieties began at the end of May.

Naddy and Mulcahy invited the Millers to join in creating a Produce Stand on the farm to provide farm fresh produce and also provide a venue for distribution of the blueberries.

Some of the produce comes from Amish farms that grow naturally without the use of chemicals – pesticides or herbicides. The naturally grown produce is always a favorite at the Barn. Only Tennessee-grown produce will be sold at Highland Berries and Produce – to support the local farm community. For families that appreciate Amish-grown produce, this is a convenient location for purchasing it in the local area.

Since many Highland Berries and Produce customers live in Hohenwald, a Hohenwald drop-off is now available.
Call 931-729-3694 for more information.

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