How Do I Find a Great Local Bank? – The Next Generation

They make me feel like “I matter” and that’s just good banking “cents.” ~ Ginger Warner Shouse,  winner of the

“I Love My Community Bank Because…” Contest

By Catherine Austin Fitts

You are in for a real treat this Thursday night – the next generation of community bankers!

In 2004 and 2005, I published an article and audio seminar, “Where Would Jesus Bank?”  We got so many requests that we published a checklist outlining the process of  finding a new bank: My Bank: How Do I Find a Great Local Bank?

Solari and I bank at the National Bank of Malvern in Malvern Pennsylvania, which is owned and managed by several generations of cousins. Current chairman Lydia Willits Bartholomew joined me for a Solari Report in 2009 for a discussion on how to find a local bank.

With the explosion of movements proposing that we shift our bank deposits to Main Street, I continue to get requests for an updated presentation on how to find a local bank and shift your banking business.

Finding a new bank can be a fun and fascinating process – if you know how to do it! And  having bankers you trust and are proud to be associated with can make a real difference in your life – and in the life of your community.  So it is well worth the investment of your time.

This Thursday night, Lydia’s daughter and son, Jamie Bartholomew Aller and Andrew Bartholomew will join me to provide the latest information on a finding and building a successful relationship with your local bankers. Jamie and Andrew are the fifth generation in their family to join the leadership of their family owned and operated community bank.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please make sure you post your questions as early as possible – I want to make sure Jamie and Andrew answer any questions you have.

No movie this week – we covered lots of great documentaries last week with Jon Rappoport – the list is up in last week’s post.

Talk to you Thursday!

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